Relocating overseas - need tips on moving valueables (aka bags)

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  1. Hi fellow handbag lovers,

    Hope I am posting in a correct thread. If not, moderators please kindly move it to the correct one.

    DH got relocated so we are moving overseas (from Australia to Asia). I have a number of premier designer bags - less than 10 - which I would like to take with me.
    Any tips on how to move them? Shipping them seem very risky.
    I tried to do a search here in the forum, as well as google, but can't seem to find anything. I am hoping someone in this forum will be able to share their experiences / tips.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I had fewer bags when I relocated but I fit all of them in the carry on suitcase. :biggrin:
    If your husband would be able to help you out and fit a few bags I'd do this:

    Fit as many smaller bags into bigger bags as you can.

    Bags that don't hold other bags can be stuffed with clothing or jewelry wrapped in paper.

    Place your best bags into the carry ons first. If you can fit all the others go in the normal suitcases.

    I carried my favorite bags during the flight. A bigger one smaller bag.

    I definitely would not ship them. Some of my shoes were ruined during shipping...just bent and scratched :sad:
  3. Thanks so much for sharing your story.
    I did think of this. It is gonna be tricky though, as I have 2 toddlers..which probably means our suitcases will be filled with their stuffs.
    But will definitely try to fit my favorite bags into our suitcases. Shipping will be my last resort.
    Thanks again! :smile:
  4. I think you are entitled to more carry ons with kids. My son was still a baby and we did get permission for another carry on (back pack) :smile:
  5. Since you have less than ten, maybe take what you can and then courier the rest to your new residence or DH's office via UPS/DHL/Fed Ex? This way you can at least box them yourself and insure them separately with signature. Australia-Asia rates shouldn't be too bad right?
  6. I don't realise that we are entitled for more carry ons. Have always tried to minimise carry ons. But might need to start utilising that privilige. Thanks again!
  7. The thing I concern about with sending via Fed Ex is that it might attract custom fees. But in the end it might worth paying custom fees for peace of mind.
    Will find out how the custom fees work over there.
    Thanks so much for the advice!
  8. It may depend on the airline but won't hurt to ask! Good Luck!