Relisting Ebay items

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  1. Hi ladies,

    When your purse doesn't sell the first time, do you tend to wait before relisting or do you relist right away?
  2. I usually relist it right away if it had watchers.
  3. i'd relist right away but that might just be because i don't have the patience to wait a few like swanky said if there were interested watchers and they see the relisting they might be temped to bid :P
  4. Do you tend to relist with the same price or lower it?
  5. Well considering my two most expensive bags didn't sell the first time, I posted it on the Marketplace...stillll, no one interested so that's when I decided to relist. It took me about a 2 days to decide. I had several watchers and looks like the same people are bidding again on my 2nd auction. People tell me for some reason their stuff sells the second time around but we'll see. I'm selling my stuff a teeny bit lower but not by much. I just can't sacrifice losing that much $ on immaculate bags.
  6. i would reliste it.
  7. lowering the starting price a teeny bit might entice the prior-watchers to put in bids......but i woudln't go down too far
  8. I always check ended listings first and make sure I'm fair.

    I may lower it a teeny bit, depends on how bad I want to unload it!
  9. i usually relist immediately (unless I'm too busy). I either lower the starting bid or just remove it altogether and add a reserve price. People seem to like starting the bid at $0.99 despite the presence of a reserve price on a clearly more expensive item.
  10. Depends on how desperate I want to sell. most of time I relist right away and sometimes I lower the price and if it doesn't sell, I normally wait few days.
  11. Hey Intlset! I relist it right away and then either lower the starting bid or start it at 0.01 and put a reserve.