relisted for the 3rd time!!!!

  1. why can i not sell my kooba paige, today will be the 3rd time listing it! i am so frustrated. i know that b/c i am a 1st time seller that it is going to be harder. please, any advice will help. TIA
  2. Maybe the price it too high or too low (since you're a new seller)? I tend to stay away from folks with no feedback or little feedback.
  3. i think maybe part of the problem is that although kooba is still popular it has gone on sale a lot lately in a lot of places and so people are just buying from normal websites instead of having to use eBay,,, and so if the price is even a little high,,,people may be just waiting for it to be on sale for less then eBay and without all the questions that come along with handbags on eBay? (not to say yours isnt real of course it is, but you know everyone doubts everything on ebay thanks to all those jerks who sell fakes ruining it for everyone)
  4. ^^That's so true. Koobas do go on sale so if your price is higher than the last sales price, forget about it.
  5. I know how you feel. I just started selling too. Mostly to clean my closet to make roon for more bags!

    I listed my expensive item with a few lower priced items like Cole Haan, Betsey Johnson. I sold the less expensive items easily (I'm assuming because it's not as risky) but couldn't sell my expensive item. I just sold the expensive item (I'm thinking it may be because I now have good feedback as a seller). Do you have anything else to sell to establish some trust in a lower priced item first?
  6. yeah, i realized that i had it listed higher than the sale price at neiman's. i lowered it to just below that. i guess i will have to go through my closet to see if i have anything else to sell so that i can get some positive feedback. Thanks all!!!
  7. I am not sure what your statring price is, but I tried to sell a Luella last summer. I started @ $100.00 with a BIN very close to that. I tried 3 times, finally the 4th time I started the beginning price at $.99 and it sold for well over my BIN price. So if that is something you want to look at, It has proven to work for me! Good Luck!

  8. what is a BIN? (sorry, 1st time selling on ebay, don't know the terminology)
    & can I edit my listing to include that?
  9. buy it now, you can edit until the last 12 hours or until someone places a bid. hth