religious twiggy!

  1. Wow, that is pretty zany. Don't think I have seen that yet.
  2. i saw the ministry comments last night but not the jesus part.

  4. w...t... f... I wouldnt buy it just because of that. she should just throw away the mirror and then try to sell it.
  5. :roflmfao:

    That is just plain bizarre!!!
  6. i :heart: my husband & my dog too, but i wouldn't write their names on my b-bags, no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :P
  7. HAHAHAHAH, why would a person who is going into the ministry even buy a b-bag in the first place? HAHAHAH!
  8. HAHAHAHAH, sorry can't stop looking at it. THROW THAT MIRROR AWAY!
  9. i donno, good question didi-girl, but i'm guessing she feels like she's gotta purge herself of b-bag sin :lol:
  10. We are all living in sin, each and every one of us!!!! HAHA, but I GUARANTEE I will NEVER go into the ministry!
  11. LOL i wonder if anyone will buy it.
  12. :roflmfao: maybe her parents made her go into a convent with all her bbag spending! Arent christians supposed to be unmaterialistic if they are extrememly devout?
  13. this is the funniest auction ever. i think it's funny that anyone would write a proclamation of love on the back of their balenciaga mirror, let alone the whole ministry thing. nothing against it, just funny!
  14. it looks like they wrote in permanent marker too and then tried... alcohol? to get it off- thats what makes the perm. marker look purple usually. crazy. I keep going back to laugh at it.