Relief to my Purse ban

  1. I walked in to Off 5th with my 25% coupon today and found the Bulga hobo in citrus yellow (I would say a combination of yellow and green color) there for $279!
    With the coupon and tax I paid $220. Not bad.
  2. Wow! Congrats on your find! It's a cute bag!
  3. very cute and great price :yes: congrats! i wanna see that color, it sounds so nice. post pics!
  4. Congrats! What a great deal. Post pics!
  5. Nice....I love Off 5th, they have such great bags and with those coupons....
  6. Yup I saw one at my Off Fifth, and I was tempted, but I've got a goal now for another bag. But it is nice, very smooshy. Congrats!
  7. oh wow! I had no idea that off 5th had bulgas. Congrats to you! Did you see any other styles?