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  1. Hi

    Could you recommand any online stores who sells authentic Gucci bags and also ships wouldwide?
  2. but I am not sure about their shipping
  4. is really reliable and legit?
  5. I'm only interested in authentic bags :smile:
  7. yes, my first gucci blondie (the white hobo you see in my avatar) I got it from her.
  8. jomashop..though limited selection

  9. At least that website is kind enough to list them honestly as "inspired." In case you haven't noticed most people here are not interested in bags "inspired by" a specific collection.

    Why do people INSIST on pushing these kinda of places? Sorry, it just annoys me that it's seems to me that all the designer forums here make it VERY clear yet still... people insist.
  10. sorry, OT..who's the gucci mod?
  11. Jill is or any of the Global Mods {me, Amanda, Cristina and PradasMeadow}