reliable body fat calculator online

  1. Does anyone know what the best one is? The reason I ask is because I am getting results all over the board.10% actually which makes a huge difference!!

  2. I once partipated in a study at the University of Nevada that was actually a study in the best ways to test your body fat! They did all sorts of crazy stuff to me including putting my head in a chamber while I rested to see how much oxygen I was using! But in the end,you really have to have it tested as there is no sure way to tell with a calculation. How accurate the tests are vary probably as much as the formulas you've been using! If you tend to have a lower body fat (Which you do!), the best way to have it tested is with a good ole' caliper! I have one and test mine quite often (although I haven't in a while) I take a measurement of 9 different spots and it's very accurate.
  3. Thanks for the info! I might just go out and get one.:flowers:
  4. The best way to do it is to have a Dr or nutritionist find it... they are trained fairly well to figure it out :yes:
  5. The only thing you can do online is find your BMI which is your height to weight percentage which can tell you alot. But the is NO way to calculate your actual body fat percent online. You have to go to a gym or a nutritonist to get your actual number. I highly reccomend this to see where you are at!
  6. you can walk into most gyms and they can do it for you (some bally's do it for you free)
  7. Hmm.. I'd feel a little odd walking into a gym asking them to pinch my fat haha and by odd, I mean embarassed lol Does just any doctor do this?