"releasing the good eggs first after P.Pill "theory

  1. I got some reassuring news from my gyn. He says there us this (new?) theory ....
    Basically I am 29 and was stressed by my other gyn to not wait too much to get pregnant. BUT I am so not ready yet.
    Then I started reading the stuff about the quality of your eggs getting poorer after 35, women freezing their eggs..etc...and stressing a lot.
    I am being treated for a light endometriosis, so no ovulation for 9 months, then he told me I should get back to the Pill right after, and stop only when I am ready to get pregnant, because that way I could keep more good eggs inside, since apparently the good ones are the first to be released !! He was talking about age 35-40, yoohoo I felt so good....
    and if the hypophyse (that controls the ovulation) is a bit lazy we can boost it.
    Just wanted to share, since I thought opposite things.
  2. Hmmm... that's neat...I'll be turning 30 next year, and I've been off the pill for the last year, but am planning to get back on it... prior to that I was on the pill since I was 21, so it gives me hope.

    I don't know when SO will "make an honest woman of me" and it's no kiddies til then...I've got an appt w/my ob-gyn in a couple weeks, so I'll ask about it, too...
  3. also a heads' up for pill users. . . a LOT of women conceive twins by getting pregnant the first month off the pill.
    Consider it fair warning! :p

  4. ^^^

  5. This is interesting information. And I could see how it works. Unfortunately would'nt apply to me.
  6. I read an article where Christina Aguilera said she got pregnant the first month after she went off the pill and she wasn't expecting it to happen that fast... don't know if that is scientific proof, (lol), but its a start!
  7. ^^Well yeah, isn't she in her twenties?

    My doctor had told me that with my age (38) and the number of years having been on birth control (15), that it could take up to a year to get pregnant.
    It didn't.
    I think there is defintely something to this theroy
  8. Hmmm.... maybe I should go on the pill, just to go off it...:roflmfao:
  9. I also think there could be something to it. I got pregnant -- at 35 and having been on the Pill for 18 or so years, had Norplant for a while in there but otherwise no breaks -- after three months off the Pill. Was totally not expecting it (but happy since that was why I went off). My cycles were seriously out of whack, about 40-ish days long. I had just talked to my doctor about it, and he said there was a good chance I wasn't ovulating even and to give it more time. Turned out that cycle wasn't particularly long -- I was pregnant!!