releasing a muscle cramp

  1. After a hard workout I seem to have a locked up muscle in my calf. When I stand up I can not put my heel to the floor. It is extremely painful, just as if I had a catch in the muscle. I probably worked out too hard, as I am not in shape, but I did work with a trainer who kept a close watchful eye on me. I don't think it is pulled or injured, but it does feel tensed up like it can not release. It is sort of like the restricted movement a crick in the neck causes, only in the calf muscle.

    What can I do to release it? I've tried stretched (extremely painful!), walking (even more painful as I have a cast on my right foot, still recovering from a severe break and surgery), tried massaging it but the muscle is very sore to the touch. I have a hot pack on it right now and the pharmacist at walgreens recommend some kind of OTC med that I am trying.

    Any advice to release it?
  2. Hrm. I'm not sure this is the same as a nighttime "Charley Horse" - which are pretty painful to wake up to.
    I'll give you advice about it anyway since they fall into the same category of muscle cramping:
    - Massage the muscle, even if it's tender to touch, whenever I have a muscle cramp episode, I would do a very firm massage on the area.
    - A cold compress for 20 minutes and then switch over to a hot compress to loosen up the tense muscles.

    I hope you feel better.
  3. One thing that happens often when people get cramps is that they're dehydrated! So make sure that you have enough water and electrolytes before, during, and after you're working out!

    For now, rest, gently massaging it, and the things that you're doing now have been the best (albeit slow) means of relieving such cramps.
  4. Drink seltzer water. My Dad told me this and it works.
  5. What about Tonic Water? I don't like it, but cramps in my abs OMG you talk about pain.
  6. This sounds like the pain I had when I was pregnant. I was told to take a Magnesium oxide supplement. The midwife also said use dry heat like by microwaving a towel for a short time (donut doesn't catch on fire) and wrapping it around the cramp.