Release of F/W colours

  1. OK - here's my rant......

    Why do some stockists like Van Ravenstein and Gerard in europe have the new F/W stock when Balenciaga in PARIS doesn't have them?? I had the SA from Paris say early July and it seems that they're appearing in NY as early as next week! It's all over the place!

    Gives me the poos.
  2. oh no, how disappointing to hear...I'm going to Paris next week & was hoping to see the new colors...I was even hoping they might have the bleu india already :sad: How strange...even they pre-fall colors arrive later there than in Bal NY?
  3. Oooo Milena, hope they're in for you! You do realise that a full report and details inventory check are in order if they are!

    BTW - cute Avatar, is that your daughter?
  4. I called today the only store that sells Balenciaga here in Greece and they told me that the new colours will arrive at the END of July!!:rant:
  5. ^^ Thanks Cal :flowers: yes, it's my little sweetie - she's 2 1/2.

    I sure will report back with details (and hopefully a new addition ;) ) if I see any of the new colors there :yes: But I won't get my hopes up if they told you early july...mmm
  6. I'd assume they'd be in Bal Paris BEFORE any other store.

    Have a great time! Take your gorgeous girl with you, get her to create a diversion then whip out your camera and snap loads of pics.