Release date Vernis Alma

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  1. Does anyone know when they are available?????
  2. June, according to my SA. It will come in pomme, amarante, and violette. GM and MM sizes. No prices yet.
  3. Fab , start saving now ..........shall it be pomme or amarante......
  4. Oh wow! Amarante please!
  5. Showing my ignorance: will this be LE or part of the permanent line?
  6. I was told around $1,650.00 or possibly high $1,500's.
  7. that's what I wanted to know, so it will come out in MM! :yahoo:
  8. I heard from my SA that it's gonna out in June.

    I'm on the WL for the Pomme one. Can't really wait!!:nuts:
  9. I wonder which size is this one? doesn't this alma looks smaller than the GM version? is MM bigger than the regular alma mono size? $1,650 is quite expensive but I love it!

  10. Ooh.... I love it in the Amarante color. It's gorgeous. And you don't have to worry about the vachetta too. Too bad I'm on a ban since I just got my summit in amarante.
  11. ^^ I think that's the GM
  12. Oh, that sounds so cute. I would love the violette or pomme.
  13. I can't wait to see this IRL!
  14. I've seen pics of the amarante, pomme d'amour & violette at the store today. They're really gorgeous! No prices, yet.