Release date of Vacanze?

  1. Anyone know the exact date of this? :smile:

    Do you guys ever order from the websites or usually want to see placement in stores?

    How do you pre-order? :smile:
  2. I don't think anyone knows the exact day of the release.

    Usually I will get it from elsewhere, but ehh we'll see.

    To call. The only place I know that does pre-orders with print placement is Pulse though... and lucky you..they ship to Cali.
  3. lucky you! you are in hawaii :smile: plus you have foresta and the discontinued styles. :smile:
  4. Yeah, lucky me...higher prices LMFAO. Ehhh I'm not going to get anything in Foresta I already got what I want in that print hahahahah.
  5. on the lesportsac japan website, pre-order starts on 11/14 and release date is 11/21. don't know if it is the same for the US.
  6. I can't wait for Vacanze - I am hoping to start yet another complete collection.


    So, anyone knows what won't be available anymore/discontinued? And what will only be Hawaii exclusive?

    As far as I know, the Caramella, Bella and Mamma Mia will most probably end up Hawaii-ex only.

    As for the release date, I think Japan is lagging behind US since they listed the Trasporto release date as 9/26 but we have already gotten it over here.
  7. i think the Vacanze date is oct. 10th through the 25th (BIG window xD)
    I'm pretty sure about hearing the 10th from another thread though

    i cant wait till it hits macys or Nordies here in az or better yet to find one at tates fla, vinyl's and bags all in one place :tender:
  8. What is Tates"??

  9. That's what I have heard too.
  10. well in hawaii, one of the SA's told me that it Vacanze would be release on November 17, the same day Simone is here.

  11. possibly the greatest store ever... thats in south fla :crybaby:
    it has (a few) toki bags, last time i was there they had i think either a lamor or Inferno Nuvola, i didnt know anything about tokidokis to actually look at it, fall in love, and buy it.
    but they have vinyls and all sorts of blind boxes, manga, japans candy. i'mgto fla at the end of October so if i cant find Vacanze by the time i leave im dragging my friend through the streets of fort. Lauderdale and dave to find some :yes:
  12. Maybe they're "holding off" on releasing it until he comes? Like the merchandise will arrive, but they'll just keep it in back until the signing?
  13. Doesn't Hawaii usually get the prints in a little later than the mainland? If so, that makes sense that the mainland release is mid to late October and then Hawaii would debut it in mid November when Simone is there to highlight the kick-off in HI.

    I have an Avventura, Zucca, Ciao, & Denaro pre-ordered from Pulse, but I am thinking of canceling the Zucca and maybe getting a Caramella special ordered from Hawaii instead. Or maybe just canceling the Zucca altogether. If I have a big bag like Avventura and a small bag like Ciao and the Denaro, I'm trying to convince myself I don't *need* any other bags for that print. It's hard to decide since I know that's the last Toki/LeSportsac collab print, so the temptation is to splurge, but I've really been trying to streamline my collection to what I really can/will use. Decisions, decisions.:confused1:

    Jess, I'm with you on Foresta. I think I am done with that print. The only thing I would consider would be a Caramella with absolutely perfect placement, but I really don't need another thing in Foresta so I doubt I'll even bother with that.
  14. Downtown Seattle Macy's says they'll get their shipment Oct. 25.

  15. Omg I :heart: You!!! I just googled and I have never heard of it until now. The store looks AMAZING.. I am going this weekend without a doubt. I live in Miami so its bit of a drive but I dont care. Yay.. Thank you!!!:yahoo:.. It's hard finding a store like that in South FL.. *does happy dance*