Release Date for WaterColour?

  1. Does anyone know when the new Richard Price WaterColour line will be released? I'm (afraid) I'm interested in the Papillon. Only $100 more than the regular Monogram Canvas Papillon!
  2. estimated release date for the vvn collection (which i assume is the one you're talking about) is in may.
  3. Thanks, caley. Not til May? Yikes! To waitlist or not, that is the questiton!
    I see from your collection photo that you have a papillon. Is it a 26 or 30? Do you love it?
  4. If you think you may be interested I would wait list for the bag. I was told that they would be very limited and if you are not on a wait list, you will not be able to buy this bag.
  5. Release date for Singapore is May 1st. Not too sure if this coincides with the worldwide release.

  6. i've learned that if you're even mildly interested in something, definitely waitlist. i went through this whole drama over the motard pochette. i waitlisted in the beginning and then decided to get off the list. then when pictures of it showed up on tpf, i totally regretted it. i tried to get back on the list but they told me that they'd be getting very few. luckily i ended up getting one. so i've learned my lesson LOL.

    i have a papillon 26. its a cute sized bag. i prefer the 26 over the 30. i feel like i'd smush the bag if i carried it on my shoulder.
  7. I spoke with my SA last night and she stated that the watercolour papillon might be released as early as March 15th or so. Previously, I was told that it would be released in May. I'd recommend that you get on a wait list for the watercol0ur papillon as it is a limited edition bag.
  8. Thanks for all the info, ladies. My name will be on the list before the day is out! Fingers crossed!
  9. I was told the VVN line releases March 15, but the exotic watercolour releases in May.
  10. The exotics will be out earlier. The vachetta will be out at the beginning of May. My SA recommended (and I did) paying for the bag in advance because only the paid ones will be first to get one! She said if there is no credit card # on the waitlist then thoose people will be skipped for the ones already paid.
  11. I'm now on the waitlist, but the SA didn't mention anything about paying up front. She said the Exotics will be out March and the others out in May. Since my birthday is in May, I hope I'll be treating myself to a lovely pressie!
  12. arghh, so exotic is out in march and vvn in may!? Don't know if I can hold that long.....
  13. The release day is May. I called and asked to be put on the waiting list and the sales associate informed me that MAY it's coming out. I live in Michigan and called Saks for this info
  14. I stopped by local Coach store this afternoon and my SA reconfirmed that the watercolour papillon will be released around March 15th or. I'm assuming that the watercolour speedy 35 will be released at around the same time as well. Sorry, I didn't ask about the exotic watercolour bags.
  15. hi may i know how much the watercolor speedy 35 would be? thanks!