Relay Biker Leather and Watersnake Bag!

  1. Hi everyone! I have not seen this bag in person, only on the jimmychoo website. Neimans and Saks do not seem to be carrying it. I was wondering if any of you ladies either own this bag or have seen it in person. Here is a link to it:

    I am wanting to get this bag in black. If you have either seen it IRL or own it then please give me some feedback on the quality of the bag and if it looks just as good IRL. Also can it fit a lot of items? Thanks a lot!
  2. I have seen this bag at the JC store in Chicago, but unfortunately I did not look inside it. I never carry clutches, so I could not give you any indication of how much it will hold. :shrugs: So sorry, but it is a Beauty!
  3. I've never seen that one before but it's really pretty.
  4. LadyDior, I saw this bag in black at the boutique -- I cannot gush enough about how supple the leather is and how perfect all the details are on it. The downside is that it does not hold very much. It is really thin and there isn't a lot of room for it to expand. You could fit a cell phone keys, some lipstick, and maybe squeeze in a PDA if you had to.
  5. This is a really hot bag! I would definitely purchase this one. The snake skin trim is really beautiful and I love the chevron effect.
  6. I saw it at JC boutique at Las Vegas but forgot to look inside. It's pretty sizeable from what I remember...