Relatively on time?

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  1. I'm trying to plan a trip to pick up my Watercolor items in person. But of course the store won't disclose my waitlist position OR how many items they'll be getting in. I don't want to wait too long or else the flights get full or expensive. What I'm asking you LV lovers is: in your opinion has the s/s releases been on time? I'd like to be there at launch but of course am worried that it'll be delayed, or I won't get any items.

    What would you lovely ladies and gents do if you were me? :confused1:

    TIA! :tup::smile:
  2. Have you explained to them that in order to pick up your items, you'd be FLYING in? I would hope that LV would be a little more cooperative and helpful if you've told them that :hrmm:
  3. my SA knows, and they've made a couple exceptions for me (holding a motard pochette for 1 month). then again, it is by my own choice that i shop there and not at an LV on the same island as i am on.

    but i guess they don't want to make any exceptions about disclosing waitlist info. i'm sure they know where i am on the list and if i'll get one...i wish they could just TELL ME! LOL.

    do i take the chance and fly in?
  4. Have you asked your SA if s/he thinks it would be worth you planning a trip around the launch? That way they could tell you without actually disclosing your place on the list if you will be getting one.
  5. excellent thinking!!!
  6. i have and she just kind of avoids saying anything that could reveal anything. the thing is, i always do this for bags i've WL for, so i have that working against me. this time its a special circumstance because we won't be using mileage to make the trip free. usually my mom and i just decide to go a week before launch.

    i guess the worst case scenario would be that come may 1st the bags aren't in. i'll go in and do a credit authorization and they'll charge/send it to me later.

    things like this make me curse my boutique for not disclosing anything!!! lol
  7. I really believe the vvn watercolor will launch May 1st. The exotics are already out (on time) so we know the canvas is ready. It may even be like the Mirage and launch a few days early. I would go ahead and book a flight for May 1st or 2nd. :smile:
  8. That's good logical reasoning. I think so too. I think you should book a flight around the 2nd or 3rd.