relationships with SA


Sep 15, 2007
Hi everyone -

I think I may be too loyal to my SA and would like to get some advice and also hear stories about how you all have built relationships with your SA...

Do you only use one SA per store? How do I go about building a relationship with other stores? Do I need to purchase bags when I travel to be able to get information about bags (even birkins and kellys) over the phone or even have things sent to me when I am not able to get to the store?

Will I be insulting my SA to buy things from another store?

I am also curious to know how many hermes items you think people have when they are able to get whatever they want ... Thanks for reading my long-winded question.:smile:


Sep 14, 2006
I would say it sort of depends upon the size of your store and how much stuff they get, and how much you travel to larger stores.
I like working with one SA and one store.


Oct 12, 2006
I don't know how I ended up doing what I do, but I have fallen into a 1-SA-per-store mode; I only do serious H store shopping at these 2 stores; when my SA has left which has happened more than once, I've had to rebuild the relationship with a new SA to some degree although prior activities with those stores has helped so it's not like I had to start from scratch. I think they are all OK with me buying from other stores, they sort of know but I don't flaunt it. Perhaps one factor is the discrepancy in inventory between the 2 stores I frequent. Am not sure about the how many H items to get whatever you want question. I think it is variable. Again, the size of the store is a major factor. If you have time to go to a store regularly, show interest (and knowledge) in the house and acquire a range of items (over time is OK), then this all helps. I think they are really put off by folks who wander in, know nothing, and just want a Birkin. If you show passion for all things H (or many things) then they warm up to you much more quickly. Getting whatever you want is hard if it's a small store, no matter how good a customer you are.
I work with everyone in the store...from the managers to the SAs. But, that said I have been a loyal customer for many years. They know me, my preferences, etc. ;)

I mainly shop in one boutique and they are all great...and I like to share the love.:heart::heart:

Besides, if I need to pick something up I am not going to wait or go back another day just because one person isn't there—I am just too busy. And they don't seem to least I hope not! :girlsigh: