relationships with SA and the birkin wait..

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  1. Hi Radhika,

    I agree with some of the members here that Tokyo would be definitely a good place to get the Birkin. They usually have at least 3 or 4 on the shelves for purchase. And out of these bags, you could pick the one which is closest to your specs if you could not spare the wait time.

    Received your pm. NOne of the bags I ordered matched your specs though. I have just placed order for the 24/24 bag. I really am crossing my fingers to get my bags soon enough.
  2. ok if its not possible for you to place an order through your sa then will have to purchase one on my travel though travel seems far away thought as i have a 4 month old DD. Incase you can place an order of my bag specs through your sa please let me know i am flexible on the colour too. just told you my prefrences and i dont mind waiting as long as im on the waitlist. just getting on the waitlist is soo tough. thanks
  3. Hey, Radhika,

    so hows the Birkin hunt coming along?
  4. Try the H shop in Shanghai. I have just ordered 2 birkins about 1 month ago. But of course you have to be there in person and the price is relatively high because of the tax and Reminbi currency.
  5. hm... no one's mentioned korea. seoul's got quite a few hermes boutiques.
    hermes bags aren't very big here so i'm sure you'll have a better luck finding it and purchasing it than in singapore from what it sounds like.

    but if you're looking for scarves forget it. they get a shipment and it sells out within few minutes!!!!!
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