relationships with SA and the birkin wait..

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  1. Any Idea when the Waiting List for a Birkin will be open for Singapore??

    I am almost afraid to step into a Hermes Boutique and be told that the list is SHUT!!.... Could not bear to face the disappointment!!

    Dreaming of my first birkin..... 30 cm Black Togo with Guilloche HW.....
  2. I paid $9,400 for a birkin 35 togo
  3. From what I know, the list is closed indefinitely.

    You could try Tokyo, which is nearer than Paris but much more expensive.
  4. Gosh that's a big difference on the London price
  5. Thank you ~

    It sounds more than I thought.

  6. Thanks Ms Piggy...

    But I simply cant imagine camping in Tokyo or Paris just to wait for the right Birkin to come along!!!

    Ha ha!!! What will happen to my poor DD and DH and not to mention work!!

    I think that I might as well face my impending disappointment and make a call into Hermes Singapore and squash my hopes for once and for all...

    All the dreaming and lusting is driving my poor hubby nuts!!!
  7. hey i am holding your hand dear with you. feeling weepy about it too:crybaby:. i guess i just look at all the other bags tpf members have and feel happy for them.:tup:
  8. Thanks Radhika,

    Does anyone have a Noir Chevre (Coromandel or Mysore) 30 cm Birkin with Guilloche HW for me to drool over??

    That will definitely make my day!!
  9. I will plaster that picture all over my screen saver and I promise that I will dream of it all night!!
  10. Hi Radhika,
    You should think about Tokyo - much closer to S'pore than NY or Paris and basically Hermes Heaven in Asia. There are so many H boutiques - apart from the Ginza flagship, each high-end dept store has one, and guess what? You can just walk in and buy one off the shelf! All the boutiques I visited 2 weeks ago had a few Birkins and Kellys available - as long as you're flexible about size, leather, colour and hardware combo.

    I personally would rather buy from H boutiques, but if you're searching for a particular combination unavailable at the boutiques, there are also resellers (many different stores of major chain Brand Off), but the bags are marked-up and are priced according to various degrees of wear.

    Prices in Tokyo are high compared to Paris, but similar to what you would pay in S'pore. Advantages over Paris: cheaper airfare and shorter flight with no time difference. Advantages over S'pore: no waiting and no GST - you get 5% tax deducted as a tourist.

    I'm going to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks, will check out the H scene and report thereafter if you're interested. Even closer to home and easier to navigate language-wise!
  11. thanks vanila skye . do check ou hk and let me know you're a doll:flowers:
  12. I am in China .Aslo got my first birkin in one week .it's much more expensive if you bought H in China.But much more easy..

    My SA just told me the new birkin is arrival in Curry color 35cm. If I don't want that ,she will pass to next VIP guest.
  13. how did you beacome a VIP guest? how many items did you purchase in what period of time?
  14. Radhika, I know you are in Asia, so the whole thing is different there. If you so urgently want a birkin and are really dying for it, I strongly suggest you fly somewhere else to get it, assuming that you only want to purchase from an H boutique. I think for your first one, that would be important. There is no need to be a VIP locally to get one. As you can see, on TPf, we are all pretty normal women/men who the vast majority of us own a very sought after bag. I can tell you right now, not all of us spent crazy amounts of $$$ to buy our FIRST bag.

    I literally walked in and bought my birkin off the shelf. NY, Montreal, Tokyo, Paris...there are so many choices abound for you. So I urge you, please do not feel that you need to spend a stupid amount of money to get on a "list" to get a birkin. Unless of course, you want one that is super specialized, with diff colored piping, straps, combo,etc. If that is really what you want, unfortunately, you will have to wait in a very long line in Asia to order from a boutique..especially in Singapore. On top of that, yes, you will have to spend a ludicrous amount of $$ to order something so specialized. Keep in mind also, that they can deny your order if they want to. I know of some pretty heinous combos that got denied...thankfully. Also availability of supplies will make a difference as well. I wish you all the luck in finding your sought after Birkin and look forward to the reveal!! :smile:
  15. thanks hermes monkey absolutely agree dont have the heart to spend on accessories to get on waiting list. I guess when i get the chance to fly to tokyo or ny will try grabbing it from a shelf. i would love an orange 35 cm in clemence or togo but will have to do with wahtever comes by lets see...
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