relationships with SA and the birkin wait..

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  1. A dreadfully long waitof two years after you manage to get your name on the waiting list after stepping into an hermes shop for the zillionth time keeping your fingers crossed. Or worse still buying a whole load of hermes items to please your SA so she can judge you are important enough to be waitlisted. After hearing horror stories like this i wonder if its true???? Is it??? I love the classic birkin but dont own any the only reason being above. I have a couple of hermes accessories but i always hear the sas say waitlist is closed :crybaby: why?? because I'm nt a regular shopper ? Cause the items were bought by my husband. and i got them cause i genuinely liked them. Cause i dont believe in buying items to please an sa. . I have been a chanel girl till now...what do i do if i wanted a birkin?? Can you please advice i stay in singapore..
  2. You need to find out when the list is open which is twice a year. They will only sell Birkins when the list is open and at no other time unless they just so happen to have one on the shelf
  3. Singapore/some parts of Asia operate in a different way, birkins are reserved for VIPS and unfortunately you have to show loyalty to the brand and buy a lot to get offered one. I'm sure other memebers from Singapore will chime in soon.

    I think you should go to Paris - less hassle, better chances of being offered a birkin in store or placing an order. The money spent on buying things you don't need or want could be spent on the trip.

    Best of luck
  4. Yes, Singapore is very difficult, I am sure there soon some tpf members will attest to this. I get the impression (wait to be corrected) that there are never any birkins for walk in customers and it is a case of building a relationship and waiting.

    If you do not want to do this there is the Paris option, but you dont get to choose what you want, just accept what they have on the day, or the reseller route at a premium price. There is a list of recommended resellers in the shopping section and if you see something you love on ebay you can get it authenticated here by one of our wonderful experts.

    If you love the H items you buy, make sure you stick with one SA to buy them all, talk to him/her about your love of H and stay in touch about the list. Maybe then the opportunity will arrive? I wish you good luck!
  5. radhika, Good luck. I hope that you get the Birkin
    you want. :smile:
  6. I lived in HK for many years...way before the craziness began. H in Hong Kong was always pretty easy, but from what I understand, has never been as tough as Singapore. When there is a will, there is a way!! Unless you are looking for something really special, use a trusted reputable ebay seller or a reseller. I think that's the best route for you. If you don't want to pay the premium, then take a flight to Paris or NY. They are your best bets! Happy H shopping!! It's not that bad, but I understand, the frustration can be mindboggling. :yucky:
  7. i agree^^^. i heard it was difficult in singapore. Buy a ticket to paris.:smile: that's where I scored my first one. good luck
  8. Depending on where you live, you can try Mexico City... The shelves were full of birkin's 30 and Kelly's.

    I got my black togo Birkin 35 there in one week...+ They are super friendly and did their best for me to get my birkin.

    Good luck!:tup:

    P.S: I couldn't deal either with all that cinema surrounding the SA's and waitlists...
  9. Is it worth flying to Mexico City just to visit the H store there? Is there anyway to check inventory before going there so that it won't be a wasted trip?
  10. Yes, you can try to call. Of course, it's better if you speak spanish.
    There are 2 hermes stores in Mexico City and you can find the phone numbers on the Hermes official website:

    1) Hermes on Masaryk
    2) Hermes in Palacio de Hierro-Perisur. This one is my favorite and where I bought my Birkin. They are such sweethearts....

    The only thing I know is that they don't take orders by phone and they don't ship bags. You have to go there to pick it up.
  11. Good idea!

    What is the difference in price for birkin between in US and in Mexico?

  12. Hi, need to be their special customer before they offer you any Birkin or special bags. I got no problem buying from them. Just placed another order for a travellers Birkin. My family hava been with them for more than 10 years.
  13. :idea:So maybe you can help....
  14. please check your pm :smile:
  15. I just want to remind you all that there is no buying or selling on the PF. Some of these posts have me a tad worried that the goal is to get mlgnlg to buy a bag for the OP, and I hope that is not the case. But nevertheless, as your friendly mod, its my job to remind everyone of the rules!

    Thank you!
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