Relationship Question-am I too sensitive?

  1. Would it bother you if your fiance keeps on mixing you up with his ex-girlfriend? like he would insist that you have been to some place with him, but you know he was actually talking about his ex?

    I laughed at my fiance when it happened the first time, but tonight is the 3rd time!! The other thing that bothers me is that he actually remebers every single dish that his ex ordered, and insist that I ordered the food!!!!! This is driving me up to the wall, am I nuts?

    Please, any feedback is appreciated...
  2. tahts nuts. i would go nuts. go nuts!!!!!
  3. Thanks, Ticklemethu, so I guess I am not insane... :crybaby:
  4. It sounds to me like someone's fixiated on his long have you guys been going out, anyway? Do you think he might have concerns or worries and this is how they're coming out?
  5. what he is doing is ridiculous. you have every right to be mad. :yes:
  6. I feel the same way. We have been going out for 10 months, it was a quick engagement. I tried to ask him if he is concerned with something, but he just tells me that I am overly sensitive.
  7. It does sound like he still has a "thing" for her. I would examine this more before you get married. Perhaps some premarital counseling might help? You are not too being too sensitive at all. I don't think you should ignore this.
  8. I am beyond mad, I am so hurt.
  9. I can't keep my tears from falling off, how can I persuad him that we should go seek for help? He will definitely tell me I am overreacting. I am thinking of returning him the ring already. :crybaby:
  10. I'd effen flip ! Tell him to forget her , that YOU are the new lady in his life .

    You could always accidentley refer to him as your ex .... three times .

    See how he likes it .
  11. Try to be calm. Tell him it is bothering you and you can not ignore it and that you are not being too sensitive. You are not overreacting. I am not trying to hurt you, but things like this do not get better after marriage. If you have issues now you need to try to work through them before you get married. If he refuses, well then you may have bigger issues. Talk to him and tell him how hurt you are.
  12. Oh.. and dear ... don't EVER return the ring ...EVER .

    But , besides that , you two haven't been going out that long and maybe these things are just force of habit . Perhaps he enjoys the same routine that he and his ex used to enjoy , rather than enjoy his ex ? Does that make sense ? Please don't freak out . Men can be obstinate a-holes , they don't understand how sensitive we can be .

    I highly doubt he is still into her , rather than the comfortable routine he had w/ her . Or else he wouldn'tve asked YOU to marry him .
  13. Yeah... I'd be super pissed too...
  14. It is not right what he is doing, it sounds like he has issues with his relationship with his ex. I would be very upset as well. You should work this out with him before you take your relationship any futher.
  15. I totally agree with you, I will talk to him after I calm myself down, otherwise I don't know what I am going to say to him :censor:.