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  1. I know we don't have a thread on this yet (something about long distance but not this), and I thought that many of us ladies may need some advice here and there. I know sometimes it helps just to vent, and if you would like to, you are welcome to vent on here! What better way to get some feedback from total outsiders!

    Any of you having some relationship problems or annoyances right now?? :embarasse
  2. Nice! Not having any problems here right now, BUT this section would have been awesome back in march when the love of my life decided to ruin my life :lol:
  3. My boyfriend leaves his dirty socks everywhere. I am always stuck picking them up. How much effort does it take to put your socks in the hamper? A relatively minor issue but those are the hassles of living with someone.
  4. fendibaglady,
    ihave heard of people sticking post-it notes everywhere to remind theirselves to do things---maybe you could do the same with him--stick one everywhere he usually leaves his socks--and write on it---DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT--HAMPER THAT WAY-- and draw him an arrow!--may work ya never know! lol!
  5. ^^HaHa! Living with someone truly teaches you every minor detail about them. Don't tell me he sleeps with them on too?!?!!
  6. hahaha Cabco maybe I will try it!

    He does not sleep with the socks on but they are literally EVERYWHERE. Under the couch, on the couch, under the dining room table, on the bed, in the kitchen. the other day I found a pair ON the dining room table. I asked why and David said he had stepped in dog pee! (our dog Rocky has accidents a lot). I was like "so you put socks covered in DOG PEE on the dining room table?!".

    However, he does cook for me almost every night (I refuse to cook, i just hate it) and he makes vegetarian meals because I am a vegetarian even though he loves meat. So I try to overlook the annoyances as much as I can :smile:
  7. You gotta take the good with the bad. I apologize in advance to some current 10-ish year old girl. My husband doesn't have bad laundry habits but my 10-year old son is HORRIBLE! He seems to be allergic to his hamper and has no idea how to close a closet door..... To his future wife....I'M SORRY, I TRIED!
  8. It is all about give and take... if your man cooks for you, then I suppose it is easier to handle his socks being everywhere!!

    Issmom... I think my mom apologizes about me too! I was never good at cleaning or anything of the sort- not because I couldn't, but because I wouldn't!
  9. I'm hoping there is still time. My son is thoughtful and caring and sympathetic and open emotionally. He doesn't move out of my house for at least 7 more years....maybe I can introduce him to his hamper!
  10. He will be fine!!! As long as he has a good mommie like you, things will work out- even if he still doesn't like the hamper!
  11. I got so sick of DF leaving his icky socks everywhere. I was tired of repeating myself, "Honey can you please just put them in the hamper when your done with them?" I did that for a year. Then the next year I started to raise my voice about it. :cursing: That didn't help, nor was it healthy. So what did I do this year?? :confused1: I just started throwing his sh!t away! LMAO. Now he always picks his crap off of the floor!! :roflmfao:
  12. This thread is very old, so I'm closing it, seeing as how we have a Relationships & Family subforum ;)
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