Rejuventating, Repairing or Restoring Your Balenciaga

  1. found a small rip in my new shrug. what should I do? should i try to exchange for a new one (though I'm sure shirise is totally sold out). Should I try to get more discount? HELP! :cry:

  2. so sorry didi :sad: where did you get it ? call them and have it replaced
  3. shirise. i don't think they have any more
    do you think i can fix it?
  4. OH NO Didi, I'm so sorry!!! :cry: :sad: You were so excited when you got it today.

    Definitely call Shirise and explain and hopefully they'll refund your money or help out in some way!

    Lots of luck and let us know what happens!!! :flowers:
  5. I'm sorry to hear that! Definitely call and get a discount! How long do you have it before you discovered the rip? They MIGHT try to get out of it by saying that it's your fault... so be ready to fight girlie!
  6. i just got it today, so i'll call first thing tomorrow morning. THANKS GUYS. I'll keep you guys updated. I hope I can get a discount because I rather keep this bag. I LOVE it already, very dearly. anyone know if I should take it to the cobbler and get it fixed in some way?
  7. Ack, I'm so sorry - this happened with a friend of mine's bbag. She got it replaced. I would really call Shirise and see if they can locate another one for you -- if not, I would get a refund.
  8. really? refund!? but but but...cornflower blue! i don't think i can find another one at this price and color!
  9. give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. who sold the bag to you?
  10. look for brandi secher (shirise buyer) she was the one who helped me when i had a problem with my origan first i bought from them. she's really nice. i dont know if youve read the thread to what happened with my bag. They did replace mine, brandi got me a new origan from balNY (the one i bought was the last one during the shirise sale) im getting my new bag within the week i think.
  11. didi78 i'm sorry this has happened! :sad: give the store a call 2moro and try and get some sort of refund! good luck!
  12. i did see a cornflower blue city today @ the nyc b-bag store :yes:
  13. yea, i got mine at shirise, 50% off sale. considering i paid only 500 for this bag, i don't know how "nice" they will be with customer service. maybe i will get a city instead....only in my dreams will I be able to geta cornflower blue city for 50% off! Haha
  14. Didi,
    If they can give you a discount, I know a good handbag repair service here in Seattle. They may be able to sew that rip in such a way that it does not show. You'd have to send the bag in to them, but they do all of Nordstrom's work and they are really good:

    Extra Care Handbag Repair
    1029 S 146th St
    Burien, WA 98168
  15. They will be nice. It is a great store. Everyone who works there is super friendly.

    Just call in the morning and tell them!