Rejoice with me! My Mais has landed!

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  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Happy daaaaance. I love her. Shes gorgeous. I sold off all my paddys many moons ago and I've missed them so. It feels so good to have another one. But I definately need a new wallet, my silver one wont go with this one too well. :heart: The color is awesome. A very buttery creamy kind of yellow but not really yellow..hard to explain. The pics dont do it justice, I'll take better ones when its sunny out. The true color is somewhere between the ones with the flash and the ones without. :wtf: [​IMG]

  2. oooooh la laaaaa :nuts:

    Very pretty... congrats!!!!!!! I guess you have to change your signature now :p
  3. She's soooo pretty! How do you like the 07 leather?
  4. I was pleasantly suprised. It's not smooth and still smooshy. Its maybe not as thick as my 06 mousse was, but not as thin as my 06 metallic anthracite was. Definately no complaints though.
  5. it for the spring/summer!
  6. Congrats nawth! I'm sooooo happy you've got a paddy back :yahoo:She's beautiful and this is a great color for the paddy. I adore yellow bags!! :love:
  7. I drool over this color when I see it displayed on webpages. You don't hear about people buying it so it's fun to read a thread and see personal pictures.
  8. Congrats on your new Paddy, the color looks really amazing -- have not seen a photo of it til now, I like it a lot! :smile:
  9. Congrats on your mais paddy! Enjoy! That color is growing on me!! Does it go with a lot? :smile:
  10. Lovely :heart:
  11. :nuts: Wow... she is beautiful!!! It reminds me of sable and the leather is TDF!! CONGRATS~
  12. :nuts: That's absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats! The colour in different light is completely different! One looks beige and the other looks tan! Please post more pics!!

  13. Gorgeous, love that color, congrats!
  14. This colour is gorgeus..I love it:love:!! But I can't define it yellow, and I can't believe it is called "mais" because mais is a very yellow cereal!! I would define this colour "Beige"..
  15. Beautiful! Congrats. Yes, we definitely need more pics. :drool: