1. I'm just wondering if Chanel is going to come out with more Reissues in other colors? Being a pink person I'd love to see a Reissue in fuchsia or pale pink.
  2. i think the closest to pink they ever got was the burgundy.
    otherwise, it's been black, grey and white, along with variations of those colors using alligator etc (ex. metallics).
  3. They also make a bronze, and the white is an offwhite (unless you were meaning the 2005 reissue).
  4. Are they going to continue to come out with more Reissues in other colors? i'm hoping to see some pinks for Spring time.:love:

    Yah, me and my one-tracked mind ...
  5. I was thinking about it too. I'd love a pink reissue!!
  6. yeah, i only meant the 2005 ones. i only think about the 2005 reissue bc that's when it was truly reissued... sorry to sound confusing! :nuts:
  7. I saw reissue type bags in cruise collection on Chanel website . They had strong silver and black patent with gold chain:nuts: ...As well there was bag not sure if reissue, but in deep red...But no pinks...:shrugs: :flowers:
  8. New ones do not have the embossed date 2005 inside:flowers: , otherwise it looks just the same.