1. Can anyone tell me the price of the reissues?? Different sizes and picture will help thx..!!!:yes:
  2. Please check out our Reference Library:yes:
  3. ahhh....I couldnt find it!!!
  4. Don't feel bad

    I'll see if I can find some pics. The reference library is helpful but it is not easy to naviagate because lots of people post pics with no detail (style number, price, different colors,etc.).

    If you are looking for specifics it probably is not there. I had the same problem a few weeks ago when I was trying to get myself familiar with new styles.
  5. Smooth,

    Do you know if they are coming back with the black leather again (non-patent)?
  6. does anyone know the price of the black patent 227?

    thanks so much
  7. it is $2375.00 before tax.
  8. Brendan said they were releasing a black metallic - but that's all he could tell me. I don't know what leather.:shrugs:
  9. That sounds interesting. I am so sad I missed out on the dark white and black leather. I LOVE the reissue!
  10. Dear smoothoporter,

    Do you need to make a reservation first? I mean waiting list. Can I have the contacts of Brendan? Thanks!!


  11. Brendan at 1-212-355-5050:yes:
  12. Smooth,

    I have a confession....I secretly drool over all your Reissues! You have the best collection!!
  13. Smooth,

    I love your 2.55 collection as well!

    I would like to buy a 2.55 reissue, is Brendan from Chanel boutique or Saks? which stores? thanks!