Reissues with silver hardware?

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  1. I'm wondering if Chanel still makes reissue flaps with shiny silver hardware? It seems that all the reissues I see have ruthenium hardware, if it is not the gold hardware.
    I currently have a reissue with rhw - it honestly looks a bit dull and boring to me. Though I guess reissues are supposed to look a bit 'vintage' - so that's why they don't make most of them with shiny hardware?
  2. I saw a pearlized white reissue with shiny silver hardware at Saks around last February.
  3. I saw there was a blue reissue 226 with shw last month in Chanel boutique at spring street in NYC.
  4. Interesting! Do you remember what kind of leather it is? Aged calfskin or caviar? TIA
  5. I would also like to know, because I am also searching quite a while...
    I only remember very few reissues with shiny silver HW the last years, often in combination with patent leather.
    I have one dark-silver reissue 226 with ruthenium hardware, in this case ruth HW looks fine, but with black I am always torn...on the one hand it is classic as "aged", but on the other it is a bit blah IMO...
    Maybe we are lucky enough to find one with really outstanding shiny silver HW in near future...:yes:
  6. I am thinking the same thing. For RHW to work, it really depends on the color and leather type of a bag itself. Aged calfskin reissue in Black with RHW doesn't really work for me in my opinion. I tried to convince myself a couple times to buy one in 226 size. I wanted to have a day bag and silver hardware gave more casual look than gold. But when I carried it, it was so lifeless hanging over my shoulder. Recently, I saw reissue caviar in beige with RHW. Another example that didn't work for me.
  7. Chanel came out with shiny hardware for reissues in the 12P the plum, navy, pearly white, and I think red... I have the plum and pearly white, so that is why I know for sure.
    Black calfskin goes well with the ghw. it's a great combo.
  8. I have my metallic black with silver hardware still love it so much is more edge and is true though easy to use for casual outfit, it ends up use more often, I think it really depends on your age and outfit
  9. Thanks everyone for the info! Sounds like there is demand for reissues with silver hardware.
    I am so not a 'gold' person, but I do have the reissue camera case in black with gold hardware and I love the combo.