Reissues.. What do you like the most?


Which color is the best?

  1. Dark Navy Blue Patent

  2. Gold Reissue (Going to be out this Pre-Fall Act.1)

  3. Silver Reissue (Going to be out this Pre-Fall Act.1)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have my eyes on the two middle reissues.. The Silver and the Gold one.. Which one is better?


    1.) The Silver

    2.) The Gold?

    3.) Navy Patent?

    I want to have two.. But cannot afford both.. Which one?!
  2. I voted for the silver. Cos i love cool instead of warm. How much are they selling in HK?
  3. silver for sure! :yes:
  4. I just love the silver reissue!
  5. They still don't have it here in Hong Kong. Called my SA last Wednesday and she said Pre-Fall catalogue is going to be out late next month. So... My question is.. When will the Pre-Fall handbags arrive Hong Kong? LOL..
  6. i vote for silver too....!
  7. I voted silver as well! It seems more fresh and modern IMO.
  8. You should order the 2.55 resissue from the States. I just received my 2.55 dark silver today which is shipped from the States. :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. Hello, Chanelfans
    I am also in Asia, can you share a tip on how you order the reissue from US? How much did you pay for your reissue and tax/freight? It will be good if you could recommend your SA too, thanks a million.
    Having been searching for reissue for a long time...thanks.:smile:
  10. Yes Chanelfans: I also want the same info. Btw, May i know which country do you reside? TIA.:heart:
  11. i pick silver too.....i'm not much of a gold fan
  12. I picked silver too...its hot!
  13. I pick the navy patent. The silver is too bling bling for me!
  14. I quite like the silver one personally.
  15. No second choice, must be dark silver! Do you mean dark silver or light silver for your silver option?