Reissues...past, present and future

  1. I bought the black reissue when it first came out in '05...I love it and wish I stayed up on what's been released since the originals. Could someone fill me in on what's missing from my list (and fill in the blanks)?

    Also - does anyone know what will be coming in the future? TIA!

    black w/ gold HW
    white and grey w/ silver HW

    black w/ silver HW?

    metallic silver
    blue patent

    Was there a mint?
  2. dark silver
    pinkish gold (not sure the name)
  3. white patent w/SH
    black patent w/GH

    I do not know of a mint one though..
  4. Maybe the mint was just re-issue/distressed leather on a flap - I can't remember....actually I think it did have the CCs.

    Thanks for the replys...!

    Would love a chronological, inclusive list. :yes: Have all reissues (like the patents and metallics) come in the full range of sizes (from 224 to 228)?
  5. I saw the mint & thought it was the largest size of the reissue... it was in MN this winter at Northbrook. Gorgeous, very pale... I should have bought it... :sad:
  6. F/W 05: Black w/ gold, white w/ siilver, grey w/ silver.
    PreFall 06: Bordeaux w/ silver, black w/ silver, offwhite w/ silver, bronze w/ silver
    Fall 06: patent black w/ gold, patent white w/ silver, patent navy w/ gold
    Cruise 07: dark silver w/ silver, light silver w/ silver, dark gold w/ silver, light gold w/ gold, rose gold w/ gold (pinkish gold) very blingy

    Perhaps you mean mint=dark silver? it does have different colors under different lightings
  7. I'm interested to know the answer to this question. :yes:

    From what I can tell, there are NO reissues in the S/S 07 line, right? (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) Will the reissue be coming back for F/W 07?
  8. Thanks! Just what I was looking for.

    Did they all come in the entire range of sizes? Just trying to re-educate myself regarding the reissues.

    As for the mint...I'm remembering that they issued 2 bags - probably just small classic flaps - in the reissue-style distressed was mint colored (pale sage) and one was in beige. Since I was out of the loop on Chanel for awhile, I was thinking they may have used these leathers for real re-issues too, but I guess not.

    As for future re-issues, my SA didn't know of any but said she would know one way or the other in June...just wondering whether anyone else has inside info!

    Thanks again!
  9. Chanel also launched reissues in Suede outside of the USA. I don't think Chanel has used distressed reissue leathers on classic flap styles.
    There's someone here who has bought alot of pre-fall stuff and one of the bags included a brown reissue in 227 size. I'm predicting they're launching earthy colors for the reissues and vibrant colors for their croc reissues (in the 5 digit price range). I heard they are re-launching the dark silver and silver colors for pre-fall because of the high response, but I also think they're gonna jack the reissue price up again this time around.

    I can't wait for my darksilver next wk!
  10. Great thread! I wish the above could be put in the reference thread for the reissue. Swanky, is that ok?
  11. 2005:
    Black w/gold hw
    white/silver hw
    grey w/silver hw

    dark gold w/silver hw
    black w/silver hw
    bordeaux w/silver hw
    dark white w/silver hw

    Fall 2006:
    distressed navy patent w/gold hw
    black patent w/gold hw
    white patent w/silver hw

    2007 Cruise:
    metallic dark silver w/silver hw
    metallic light silver w/silver hw
    metallic light gold w/silver hw
    metallic bronze (rose gold) w/silver hw
  12. I had to purchased my dark-white reissue 226 in Canada because it was not ordered in that size for the US market. So even though each color may have been available in all sizes, only certain sizes of each color were ever ordered for sale in the US.

    My SA didn't expect any more reissues this year.

  13. Wow, does that mean the reissue is D-O-N-E??? No more???

    Thanks for the info.
  14. Wow, you really know your reissues, thanks for sharing!
  15. I'm sure they'll make more. He just didn't see any for pre-fall or fall.