Reissues at Chanel NYC 57th boutique

  1. Was just in there during my lunch break. I saw:

    light silver reissue 226
    black metallic reissue 224
    black reissue with pearls (don't know what size but it's exactly like the east/west size.)
  2. thanks for the stock update! oh what i would give to work in NY!
  3. i'm lucky to live in the city but it's doing alot of damage to my bank account. i work right by chanel, Bergdorf Goodman and Barney's!
  4. Did you happen to see the 227 size? I'm on the list at that store for the 227 and even called Friday and was told they haven't arrived yet.
    Do you know a good SA at that store? The person I talked to on Fri really was somewhat clueless. :sad:
  5. Lol...I was just going to say how you resist splurging being there in NY. STAY STRONG but I doubt that's possible being so close to Chanel!
  6. call and ask for brandon: 212 355 5050. he's very sweet and helpful and does not push you to buy anything. he's also super knowledgable and will ask if he doesn't know something.
  7. thanks! :heart: i need all the encouragement i can get. the minute someone tells me they see a beautiful chanel bag at 57th, i block out my lunch schedule and run right over! :nuts:
  8. Thanks sweetsparkle for the info! I'll call brandon and ask him.

  9. ^^I was just going to say, OMG, if I could go to a Chanel Boutique during lunch. Boy would I be in so much trouble. I guess it's good that I am 4 hrs away from the closest one.
  10. I wish I worked at Chanel....they get 30% off! YIKES! I could own ALOT MORE! LOL
  11. Yeah....I shop at the 57th street store...
    UGH...wanted a black metallic reissue...but not in the 224....too small.
  12. Hi Can someone confirm if the 227 have come in?

    I have my name on the waiting list and im afraid they wont call me as I am from Australia.
  13. The 227 metallic black definitely came in... they received 5 of them, and I was number 1 on the list but passed, because I think I'm going to get the 226 from my SA at NM. I received the call I think two or three days ago. :smile:
  14. yeah, i called brendan on sunday and he said the 227 has arrived.. however i'm getting the 226

    Fieryfashionist, is there 226 from NM? That's funny, I asked Lisa from Troy and she mentioned that NM are not bringing in any 226... :confused1:
  15. OK, well I'm pissed. I was supposed to be #4 on the list and they never called. I just called and Brendan was not in and the girl who I spoke with said no black metallics had arrived. I give up. I'm going to call my SA at NM or my local Chanel:confused1: