Reissues are in the UK!!!!!!

  1. Yes ladies, for those of you hankering after one the metallic black, light silver, patent and dark silver reissues are in the UK this week. The price for the 226 size is £1195. The dark silver was on display in Brompton Road yesterday so even if you didn't waitlist you could still get one if you hurry.

    BTW I heard a rumour that Diamond Stitch has reappeared in the UK. Anyone seen them??? If so what styles and how much. TIA
  2. do you know what the price is for the 227?
  3. At a guess I would say around £100 more than the 226, but it is a big bag, slightly bigger than the jumbo. I would be very surprised if the 227 was less than £1300 as that is the price most of the jumbos are going for at Chanel at the moment.