Reissues and Ritz at my NM

  1. Today I saw a 225 in Grey and a 227 in White - BEAUTIFUL!
    Also, they had the small Ritz in lambskin, can't remember the color :shame:
    Also had a beige Cloudy Bundle Tote - looks bronzy, it's a fantastic color!
    Also had a patent black Ritz cosmetics pouch and it's was TDF!!!!!!!!
  2. I love the cosmetics pouches!! They are soo cute, functional, and I love the idea of the mirror inside! I'm still not convinced by the Ritz handbags...
  3. Okay, so I saw this and called NM and viola, they had one and it's mine!! Will pick it up tomorrow. My SA described it and it is soooo nice. Cannot wait to see it and will post pics!
  4. ^^^can't wait to see pix!! It will look so great with your bag! I am green with envy.... :smile: