REISSUES: 227 vs 228, Black distressed vs Metallic blk or JUMBO classic?

  1. Hi, as per my previous post, I'm a Chanel newbie :shame:

    But I'm seriously trying to decide now on which Chanel to buy. Most likely the reissue, I like the shape, and the fact it doesn't scream Chanel.

    Now, could you guys please help me (pics most welcome!) decide between black or distressed black (is there such a thing as normal black?) or metallic black (although they're now probably too hard to find).

    I'm most likely after the 227, I like big bags, but the 228 may be too big? Does someone have a pic of them using both bags to compare? :angel:

    I don't ask for much, do I :wlae:

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. I prefer the metallic black b/c u can wear it day n night. Anyway, I don't think it is easy to find both of them since reissue is always off the shelf pretty quick. So grab whatever u see...
  3. I saw one last week that was a distressed calfskin. It was like a crumpled black but bits of it looked almost shiny/patent. It had tarnished silver hardware. If it had been gold hardware i would have grabbed it. No one seems to be buying it because it's been there for three weeks!
  4. I love both, and definitely in metallic black... although when you say "metallic balck" as opposed to "distressed black" do you mean metallic vs patent? The metallic is kind of distressed, whilst the patent is that ultra shiny lacquered black.

    Check out the thread that missisa has posted - it's great for modelling pics and you can see which size would look best with your body type.
  5. As for not screaming Chanel, the reissue is pretty much screaming chanel as loud as you can! (excpet for the flap, of course)... but don't worry chanel screaming is not like other brands' screaming.... it's more of a demure purr... LOL:angel:
  6. ^I think she means that it doesn't have the CC closure that most of us know of. I only recently got into Chanel and I always thought the CC closure was the only flap the ever had lol. The reissue closure is more discreet since it only spells out CHANEL very tiny, and only those in the know would realize it.
  7. ^oh right! The chanel logo on flaps is pretty discreet so I didn't even think of that! When I think about showy bags, I always think of bags that are plastered in logos.
  8. ^ :yes: That's actually the reason I love Chanel. I'm not a fan of all-over monogram on my bags, and Chanel is just so timeless and not as showy as some other brands that have monograms and labels ALL OVER.
  9. The black distressed reissue was like the one that came out originally and it known as the anniversary bag. The black is more matte looking. It was also re-released with silver hardware

    The metallic is more shiny.

    I say either one is great. Although I think the black metallic might be less maintenance. if you spill something w/ metallic it seems like you could just wipe it off quickly. The matte reissues (like the anniversary black, grey and white) absorb stains easily.

    I accidentally stained my grey one. It faded over time, but its still very delicate and i wouldnt ever carry it in the rain.

    Good luck. If you can get your hands on either I'd say go for it. They are impossible to come by----especially the distressed leather anniversay bag.

    oh--and i would recommend the 228. It holds more and has a more edgy look to it. But at the same time it can still be worn day and night
  10. what's different from 227 and 228??? arent they both reissues???
  11. Reissues -as we call them since only the 2005 anniversary is supposed to be called like that/the bags should be called 2.55 with mademoiselle lock,that is the rectangular lock not the CC lock-come in 5 sizes : 224,225,226,227,228 and the difference lies on the dimentions -except the new version of the 228 which has slightly different (bigger and flatter) H/W
    Please check carefully the thread missisa07 posted above for colour/leather and size reference also on page 19 there are the dimentions (the prices are older though) of all classic flaps whether with the CC lock or the mademoiselle lock(reissues)
    Hope it helps!:smile:
  12. thanks very much chanelspell !!!