Reissues 226-Light and Dark silver? Should I keep both?

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  1. I just received both the light and dark silver reissues in 226. I had ordered the light first, and than received a call the dark was my quandry. I do like them both, but do I really need to reissues in the same color family?

    Does anyone use their light silver for every day use? I am not sure if its too "bright" to pass the work day test. And I dont' think I can justify keeping my light silver if its just an evening/weekend bag. I have two timeless clutches already!:p
  2. I would only keep one. If I as to choose between the too, I keep the dark silver because it more versatible for day & evening. THe light silver is special too but reserves only for evening or weekend only. However both bags are TDF!
  3. i'd keep the dark silver because IMO, the light silver is way too bling. also, the dark silver is really interesting because it turns different colors in different lights. it's like having more than one bag in one... compared to that, the light silver is somewhat one dimensional. it's just very tinfoil-y and shiny.
  4. oh how lucky to have 2, I am looking for a 226 dark silver but my SA only has a 227 for me.... both colors are beautiful, the light silver is soooo stunning, but since I am not a bling bling person, I'll keep the dark silver.
  5. I just received the dark silver and love it!!! I haven't seen the light silver IRL but from the pictures I would say keep both!
  6. Keep both!
  7. Actually, I don't consider them to be in the same family, because the light silver is almost aluminum foil silver, and the dark silver really belongs in the brown/bronze family. Their colors are so different that it is ok to keep both. However, if you only keep 1, I'd keep the dark silver. Love that!
  8. I would keep both haha (and do have both - dark silver 226 and light silver 225)! :p Although, in an attempt to "justify" my insanity, I don't think that they are similar colorwise, because the dark silver is more of a bronzey with hints of rose gold color (and functions as a kicked up brown bag would, but also looks great against black), whereas the light silver is gorgeously blingy, and definitely a standout, take notice kind of bright silver bag! If I had to choose, I guess I would choose the dark silver, but I do love both and it would be a difficult decision to make! :sweatdrop:
  9. I like the light silver, it's a really pretty color. But I really can't imagine using it on a daily basis. I would just keep the dark silver!
  10. psst! Pics!
  11. both are very beautiful... i'll keep both... in any case you'll return the dark silver please inform me, my best buddy is looking for one..thanks
  12. Yes, both...see that was easy!! hehehe.:p
    Beautiful bags!!
  13. after seeing the pics, I would not decide which to give up. if you can afford both then keep them. they are so gorgeous and both can be worn with a bunch of different outfits.
  14. If you are only keeping one I would keep the dark silver. If you can afford to, I would keep both.