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  1. Can anyone explain this whole Reissue concept to me. I am really confused. Of course I am a Newbie, so it is easy to confuse me.
  2. The Chanel 2.55 Reissue came out last year, it's an updated version of the classic flap bag (the 2.55 stands for February 1955, the month and year the original bag made its debut). The colors it comes in are black with gold hardware, and grey and white with silver hardware. It's a distressed lambskin, the quilting is flattened, rather than puffy like the original classic flap.

    Here is a photo. I bought one a couple of weeks ago, but returned it. It's a gorgeous bag! :love: But for my lifestyle, it wasn't practical for me. I was afraid I'd screw it up somehow :shame: I went with another Chanel bag.


    In my opinion, the grey is the best color, and the large is the best size for this bag. I was told by the SA at Chanel in Orlando that there are no large grey reissues left in their boutiques, but if you call a Saks or Neiman's that has a Chanel boutique in the handbag department, you might be able to find one.

    Hope this helps :nuts:
  3. Nice explanation Cristina!

    Greyhoundgal, I am not an expert in Chanel either, but believe me if stick around long enough with this forum you will learn alot and you will be surprise you could also be an expert too. I have also have a chanel reissue and love mine so very very much. I like the distressed leather, the vintage look on it but still feel up to date when I wear it. Here are the pics:

    Chanel 02.JPG

    Chanel 03.JPG

  4. Sweetea, I just have to tell you again how great your reissue looks on you! :love: Wow! :nuts:

    I agree that if you stick around and read about different designers and bags, you'll learn a lot! What I posted about the reissue was from reading and learning about it on this forum :lol:
  5. Thanks cristina! I am jelous with you caviar chanel tote!!:love: I want one but don't know when but your is perfect on you!:love:

    Dont' tell anyone..that phyton BV is still on my mind!:nuts: :nuts: and I am in trouble!:lol: :lol: .
  6. It would be on my mind, too! It really is beautiful, probably the first python bag I've seen that I'm attracted to - usually python creeps me out :lol: I'd love a BV ball bag in orange, I think their bags are so beautiful! :love: I saw in the thread that the python would arrive in May... get ordering! :P

  7. Ohh Cristina I know I get more trouble when I talk to you about bags!! (just kidding) But I love it!! :P . You and I have something is common yey!.
    I know..I am so tempted to order the phyton and I think I will.. I don't think I am pressure by time, am I?. I mean if I order it next week, they still going to deliver in May. I am waiting for my camel spy to arrive, hopefully I won't like it:weird: :lol: so I can go head and order the Bv phyton. The spy will arrive sometimes next week. I will post pic and model it for you guys and ask for your guys opinions when it arrive.

    That Bv ball bag in orange is gorgeous! I have seen the red bv on but different style and I think that's different from the orange one. I always wonder about very vibrant (sp) and bright color look on me? You got to be a very confident person to wear bright colors! But BV bag is an ultra luxury bag and you know it when you touch the leather!:love: :love:

    That makes me think about the phyton? It must be very intricate how they weave the phyton skin. I think if I am not mistaken the bag (particulary in the cocker python) is party waived? I wonder how soft the phyton leather and how the texture of the leather feels? It looks to me like the body of the bag where it waived is softer than top part of bag (where it is not waived). I want it!!:love:

  8. ohhhhh i read that;)
  9. if you can splurge, get the bag. its like hubbie tells me, sometimes i just need to get the bag out of my system. and no other way than bying it:shame:
  10. Thanks ladies