Reissue zipper markings. Has anyone seen this type of marking before?

  1. Hi all, my friend bought a Chanel reissue 226 from fashionphile (12 series) and I noticed that her zipper marking, EP, is vertical e.g. the E on top of the P rather than the usual horizontal EP. Her zipper font matches the zipper at the top of EP's homepage ( Has anybody ever seen this on reissues from 12 series or other series before? Just looks odd.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    21170902_10155524261437095_571871213_o.jpg 21171061_10155524226757095_1979928570_o.jpg
  2. Anybody?
  3. Bump.
  4. I have a reissue that I'll check tonight. I also recommend your friend get it authenticated by a third party just for peace of mind.
  5. mines not like that. mines EP written just like this
  6. hello, my says EP. next to each other
  7. The zipper is legit. There were reissues with this zipper with vertical style EP logo.