reissue with pearls

  1. I just got a call from my sa at Saks about the reissue with pearls. I asked her to measure it. It is 9.75 long by about 4.50.That is the only size Saks is getting. It is the 225 size for $3225. NM shows one in their lookbook for $2995. I don't know what size it is.
  2. the reissue with pearls is really an oddball bag. I was just in the 57th St Chanel boutique the other day and my SA and I were talking about how the 225 size looks more like the east/west size. Because the regular 225 reissues look a little taller. As for the one priced at $2995, that must be the 224 size?
  3. I saw the reissue with pearls today at the Chanel boutique in Short Hills. It does look like an east/west It might even be a little smaller, but I didn't measure.