Reissue vs Expandable

  1. I'm deciding between a black Reissue 227 or a black expandable. It'll be an everyday bag. What do you ladies think? TIA.
  2. The expandable will fit for more stuff...but the reissue is classic. If you have a lot of big bags already, I'd go with the reissue.

    Show us pics when you decide!!
  3. reissue!!
  4. reissue.
  5. For an everyday bag, I'd go with an Expandable flap. It's got the classic, funky vibe whereas the Reissue is a bit more "formal."
  6. Reissue is timeless and is a classic style.
  7. These 2 bags have very different looks and styles, if you need a more roomy bag, pick the expandable, if you want a classic from Chanel, pick the reissue.
  8. agreed:yes:
  9. depends on your collection actually. if you want an alternative to the flaps you should get the tote but if you are just starting the reissue would be a better choice.
  10. If that is your first reissue, go for the reissue
  11. Thanks for all your advice. Currently I've a beige classic flap small, luxury patent petite shopping tote. I agree the reissue is a classic. Its gorgeous. Its a difficult decision.
  12. ITA:yes:
  13. 227 is roomy enough to fit daily essentials I think. Unless you really need the extra space, I'd go with the reissue.
  14. Reissue 227 for sure. =)
  15. Reissue for sure!:tup: