Reissue vs Classic with mm locks and new chain

  1. OK. I'm new to Chanel but Im hooked. I'm drooling over all your gorgeous babies and want more of my own. I was at Saks today scoping my next purchase (maybe tomorrow) and saked the SA if the metallic grey flap was a reissue. She snobbily replied that no it was a classic and said that the chain was different. I guess she wont get my commision tomorrow. Anyway, can someone explain the difference between the reissue and the classic flab with the mademoiselle lock and new chain?
  2. metallic grey flap? not that i've heard of, but metallic black reissue and a grey reissue , yes. that could be a hybrid flap in shiny distressed caviar with bijoux (new) chain and mm lock. the reissue is a different version, it is in another type of chain in either gold / silver hw and the leather used is different as well. IMO, the reissue is more limited than the hybrid (depending on the color, like black/grey/bordeaux). the hybrid is a modified look of the reissue using only distressed caviar leather and is a lot different due to the chain and leather.
  3. The links that thegraceful provided above should be very helpful.

    if you need to know anything else let us know.

    Sorry for your bad experience w/ the SA:hrmm:
  4. The locks and chain were a distressed silvery metal. I dont know how to describe the bag color but glazed and distressed grey sound much more appropriate than my "metallic" descripiton. Anyway, I would love the 226 dk silver reissue but its impossible to find. The only reissues I've seen lately are the satin crocs in various colors.

    My second want is a white or offwhite/ivory classic jumbo. Ivory will be harder to find. Which do you think is nicer ladies? Also, is the classic chain more comfortable than the bijou
  5. in fact I personally feel that, all the chains can be alittle uncomfortable, when you overload your bag.. :p