Reissue vs Classic Flap

Which Bag should I get

  • Keep the Turquoise jumbo

  • Get the metallic silver reissue with SHW

  • Get the pink-gold reissue with RHW

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Jan 23, 2014
Hi fellow tpfers I'm sure you all remember the reveal I did for my graduation haul..well I was just at the Chanel boutique picking up some earrings for my cousin when I saw the most gorgeous Reissue metallics, needless to say I am in love I cannot spend anymore money as I am all out of my graduation money and a good chunk of it went to Chanel and I do not regret spending a dime lol but I have the option of returning my turquoise patent jumbo for either a metallic silver reissue with shw or a pinkish gold metallic reissue with rhw. I do love the color of my jumbo but I'm very hesitant abt the leather I've had issues with the LV Vernis leather previously so I do know that its hard to keep color transfer from occurring on patent leather. my question is for people who own the reissue 226 and the jumbo are the comparable in size and also how heavy is it compared to the jumbo..I honestly cannot get the metallic bags out of my head plus they are much more neutral than the turquoise (which I love but I think i might like it more in lambskin or caviar)

What would you do get the silver reissue, pink-gold reissue with the rhw (my personal fave and my moms too) or keep the patent turquoise jumbo


Oct 24, 2013
Silver reissue for sure.

I have a reissue 226 and two jumbos. My jumbo's are single flaps so they are super roomie and as such I can't speak on the spaciousness of the double flap jumbo. I can say that my reissue 226 is a bit small for my liking. I think it accommodates just a bit more than the m/l.


Apr 3, 2012
Ban Island
I don't think Chanel patent is as bad as LV. I saw a lot of discolored LV bags and feel so sad for the bags but not see this happens as often on Chanel. You can search online for used Chanel patent flaps and then you will know how they age.

The thing with metallic is the metallic effect will go away with scratches and wears. You will see this from Chanel booklet that comes with metallic leather.

I love reissue and I will definitely take reissues over classics for the same color. However, for metallic, you just need to know the leather.

There is a dedicated thread for metallic leather and I'd recommend you read it first.


Jan 23, 2014
Thank you all for the input and calflu thank you for letting me know about metallic effect wearing off I will check out this thread before I make an decision

Harper Quinn

Nov 26, 2011
reissue for sure! so light compared to the jumbo and not bulky at all. you sound like you have doubts about turquoise anyway so get the reissue you love instead.


Jan 30, 2014
Reissue, especially if you are having any sort of doubt about the turquoise jumbo.


Jan 25, 2009
I vote for the reissue silver. I have a jumbo classic in metallic silver and lamb. It looks very delicate but its not. I favor it more than the natural lamb. I tend to notice the scratches on my red lamb before than on my metallic lamb so needless to say, I sold the red lamb snd kept the metallic silver classic. I use her both as casual and on parties or night out. It's versatile and neutral enough. Goodluck on your decision!


Jan 13, 2009
I think the jumbo may be harder to pair up with fall and winter it's strictly a spring summer bag. I'm on the east coast those warm weather seasons are short. The silver can work in all seasons.