Reissue vs Classic flap, Color?

  1. Something fun here. I always post at the dior & hermes forum. rarely here. which do you gals prefer & favorite color? i prefer reissue in metallic dark silver calfskin. the reissue has vintage effect with the chain handles, like a grandma's bag. call me a grandma, but i like bags that's gives old look. metallic dark silver because the metallic color represents youth, created for this generation & century, not for the past generation.:love:

    classic flap is beautiful but sadly, it began to lose appeal on me.:crybaby:
  2. Actually I prefer the reissues because the whole looks seems more youthful/edgy to me as compared to the classic flap.
  3. Well said Smooth.
  4. i like them both!
  5. The reissues. I love that distressed leather.
  6. I prefer the Reissues for the same reasons as Monica, I also prefer the leather on them, they're just slightly less obvious which I really like!
  7. Although, I like them both, I favor the re-issue.
  8. Reissue for sure!
  9. Reissues here too! The classic is nice but a bit too ladylike for my age. I first liked the idea of a younger girl wearing the classic but now I feel a bit older (twenties) and want a more vintage/youthful bag. Although I have a classic, I'll use it when I'm 10 years older:yes:
  10. I love adore worship the classic flap.. i dont like the reissue at all (sorry ladies) but i'm a big fan of the flap especially caviar and patent.. i feel this style is timeless.. it is a ladylike but u can wear it with jeans.. cargo pants or anything u want and still look chic!!!
  11. Same here:yes:
  12. Reissue is produced first then classic, right? correct me if i'm wrong.
  13. I think they are so similar I cannot love one and hate the other!

    so I love both! lol... Anyways dior ya the original flap bag was designed as the reissue style and then they started making classic flaps and just starting last year in 2005 they started reissuing the reissues from 1955? something along those lines, sorry if my dates are off. not a precise person in terms of my descriptions!
  14. yes, the reissue IS the original design.

    My 1st choice has to be the 05 grey reissue, oh, that bag is divine, edgy yet classic, can be dressed up or down, can be young or mature. And the lavender undertone and the chain link is TDF!!!!
  15. Right the "reissue" is the original 2.55 flap.