Reissue stock at flagship vs boutique vs dept store

  1. In my quest to find a dark white reissue 226 from S/S06, I noticed that the boutique in San Francisco only carries current season, while Neiman Marcus might have older reissues that were returned, but I'm curious if the 31 Rue Cambon in Paris would still carry previous colors since I'll be going there in March. Anyone know?

    Or can anyone share the differences between their local boutique vs dept store?

    Most of the time I just end up at NM because I haven't struck up a rapport with a boutique person yet.
  2. I was in Paris in NOVember..The chanel stores there DID have alot of the older collections still in stock
  3. I bought my navy patent on 31 Rue Cambon late November. The flagship store only had the metallics and patent reissues. No older collections were available. The same goes for the department stores in Paris.
  4. After calling all of the Chanel boutiques in my area and having them search the whole country and giving me this look b/c they have been sold out since they were first put out on the shelves:rolleyes: I got my black 2005 medium reissue in the beginning of 2006 from NM. But yes to answer your question, NM has locker stock and sometimes they do not put everything out so you can have your SA hunt it down. Besides, getting it from NM is better b/c you can return or exchange w/out the difficult return policies @ the boutiques. Sorry I dont know anything about Paris. Haven't been there :crybaby:
  5. I think a lot of boutiques also have older stock, just depends on what they choose to display at any given time.
    When I'm at my boutique, I tell them what I want and they pull out all kinds of things, a couple of years old often, to see which fits my needs best.
    Also, just because you see an older item at NM {ot anywhere else} doesn't automatically = a return.