1. Hi lovely tpfers, I already have black 2007 reissue with gold hw and will get dark red ss08 with gold hw, and i am thinking of selling my purple ss08 reissue because somehow the bag doesnt give me butterflies.

    the question is if i wanna buy another reissue, what should it be? please state your reason behind your answers thx

    1) dark silver ss08 (argent or pewter) - i have seen it omg its breathtaking!!! but i just saw dark silver 2007 which i like more because its warmer (maybe because the hint of gold). Now i am not sure about the bling factor if dark silver 2009 compare to 2007 dark silver.

    2. Gold ss08 - i have never seen it in person, what do u guys think?

    3. Dark green ss08 - i have seen the pictures of people in tpf and the color is super nice! but once again i never seen it in real life.

    so my question is:

    which of these three has the most DARKEST color? i mean less blingy like dark silver 2007) because i never have a shoulder bling2 bag. and i will take it in size 227 i think.

    any help will be much appreciated. thank you.
  2. the dark silver is :love:..................but the green is :love::drool::heart::love::drool::heart: ~ not that i'm biased or anything!
  3. hi viki haha =) do u know its because of ur photoes i want the dark greeen! your bag is breathtaking!!! i hate u hahahaah =) btw, do u mind sending me a bigger pic of your dark green? i mean in real life is it darker than the ss08 dark silver and gold? btw i saw one of your post that you bought your bags from thierry? hahahah SAME HERE, i got my purple from him =) thx a lot babe.
  4. I think we are all going to stick up for our reissues here, so I'm voting for my dark silver. Heres a close up pic for you.. Dark navy is also stunning and not too blingy at all. BTW to me this years dark silver seemed just as bronzey as last years.
    2.55 002.jpg 2.55 003.jpg
  5. i keep asking how is it i make 'em bigger? ~ but no one's letting on! :shrugs: ~ i think the problem is that when i watermark this seems to re~size them & they end up smaller!? ~ what is the max size you can post? ~ eg ~ as in ~ 200x600 etc

    to me ~ & this is omo ~ from the pics ~ Babe's bag looks like a dark *greyish* silver ~ Syma's looks like a dark *browny* silver & my green is more like a dark *khaki* silver ~ hopefully i will be able to take pics outside tmrw ~ truth is ~ the metallics are all :love::love::love: ~ vx
  6. Mychoice is still Dark Silver, One of the most fabulous color that i like~~
  7. I choose dark silver! If you don't like the super blingy-ness then you probably won't like the gold. The gold is even more blingy than the dark silver especially if you're planning to get the 227 size. :smile:
  8. I have seen the green metellic and it is so is like an olive/khaki with a silvery undertone. Gorgeous!
  9. Oh dear, I have the silver (or you call it pewter) and I chose it over the black and green, so of cos I will say silver is my take.

    But it really deps on your taste and best if you can see them IRL. Gold and light silver are def big in the bling category; whereas green and silver are not so (green is brighter than the silver to me).

    And if I cld carry back more from Paris, I wld have gotten, the green too. And if there were purple, navy and red back then, I wld have gotten all of these 3 as well!

    Greedy me....
  10. I just got the dark silver but from the pictures posted by other tpfers, the green is just beautiful. I saw the gold metallic at the Chanel store in Hawaii and it's kind of bright. The silver is a lot more elegant.
  11. I just got dark silver too. It is gorgeous, believe me. :wlae: