Reissue so black 2.55 dilemma

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I have a dilemma, I really want to add a reissue to my collection (it would be my first) and I bought this but I'm having doubts in terms of the hardware. I love gold hardware and love the chain detail on the reissue but kinda feel it gets washed out with the black hardware :sad: what are your thoughts?? I initially bought this because it's such a rare bag? (Also made in France!) But now am swaying back to my gold hardware ways. I found out that they have the same bag (chevron reissue) with gold hardware but it's made in Italy which is what I want minus the made in France part. What advice do you have? Are you bothered about made in France/Italy? Made in France makes it so much more special to me. I have a jumbo, GST and square mini all caviar leather with GHW. Thank you :smile:

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  2. Nah, don't worry about that. All Chanel is made in both. You will find a lot of made in Italy bags, in fact if you were to get a Jumbo it almost 100% be MII. Some actually think's better. Go for the bag you love more.
  3. If you are having doubts, then I'd say get what is calling to you. I love the reissue with the black on black, but it's true black with gold hw always pops.
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  4. If your gut is saying "I want GHW" then that's what you should get :smile:
  5. while i think the so black is AMAZING!! (wish i could get it myself right now), you have to love it. if it's gold you want, then go for the gold!! :yes:
  6. Yes, I say go with your heart.. sometimes it's hard because you like a certain aspects of this bag, and certain aspects of the other bag..
    If you want to GHW, we could swap! I have the reissue chevron with GHW but wanted the soblack! LOL
  7. Awww ladies THANK YOU so much for your opinions, you're all right I should go with a bag that I'm going to love. I will pop into the boutique have a little try comparison and make my decision. Although I think I already know what I want and you have helped me solidify it. I will keep you posted :heart: Thank you once again. Just curious do reissue chevrons come around often? I'm quite new to loving Chanel :smile:
  8. Oh my gosh! Do you have pics? If so please could I have a look? Haha where are you based? I'm based in the UK and for some reason there are loads of reissue so blacks here?!!
  9. I had the same dilemma before. So black is rare but I want gold. I got mine in grey with gold hardware. Good luck with your decision.
  10. Don't just get a bag because it's rare; get the combination that you love! It sounds like you know what you want!
  11. Angie43 has a picture of this bag in the thread titled classic jumbo or reissue. The post is recent from yesterday I believe. Sorry I can't figure out how to paste the thread for you lol.
  12. The b/o/b is not rare at all at the moment (in Asia-pac), FYI.
    Get the one that makes you think 'goodness I am lucky' every time you look at it, use it...
  13. You definitely should get what you love regardless. If it is the black reissue w ghw that will make your heart sing, get that instead. I got the reissue chevron with ghw. I was sooo happy to get one as I've been waiting to get another reissue in this color combination in 225 size for a year now:smile:. I've also been looking for a classic so black chevron. When this reissue chevron came out, I was ecstatic, it was like a dream come true, it was like a combination of everything I wanted. Then, I saw the so black chevron reissue as well and thought perhaps I should exchange :confused1:. After much thought, I love the one with ghw much better. I just love the contrast :smile:
  14. I love & prefer the so black but go with your gut!
  15. You should buy what you love but since you already have a jumbo with GHW the BoB reissue is a nice complement. I'm a bit biased because I have the BoB chevron and love it. Also most of the previous BoB reissues have had shiny leather and I really prefer the current regular leather. I don't care about France vs Italy, I hadn't realized the bag was made in France until I read this thread Lol... Good luck with you decision