Reissue sizes

  1. I searched the threads but am still a little confused...
    Does anyone know the size of the large and jumbo reissue? I believe there are 4 sizes, small, medium, large and jumbo...
  2. There are five sizes. I think the large is the 228.
  3. Smooth, do you know what the largest and the next to the largest measure? Is the largest one 228, then 227, 226, 225, 224...hmmm 224 doesn't sound right.
  4. They make a 224... 228 is the biggest.... but its RIDICULOUSLY huge... 227 is plenty big, then 226, then 225 (size of the classic flap), then 224
  5. thanks Japs!
    Does anyone know what the 228 anfd 227 measure?
  6. the 227 is about the size of the jumbo flap... I WANT this size!!!
  7. I don't have measurements, but the 227 is a good size for everyday I think. I prefer the 226 for myself.
  8. I have a 227 and a 228. I like "ridiculously huge" i guess. I love the look of the 228. I'll measure both bags for you when I get a chance.
  9. thanks Luccibag! Trying to figure out which I want!