"Reissue" ?'s... Hmmm????

  1. What are the "current/available" colors of reissues that you would find at Chanel boutiques?? I mean if you were to walk into Chanel, what reissue colors and sizes are still available to buy?? Are the reissues hard to find in the Chanel stores?? Do you have to call Chanel or have a SA find them at other stores? Anyone have current prices, if possible?? Especially for the 227..

    How often are "new" colors introduced? And.....How long are they available in those colors before they are discontinued or sold out??? How does this all work? R they limited, or do they just discontinue them? OR???? :confused1:

    I'm a Chanel newbie, sorry for sounding clueless. :shrugs:

    TIA!!:yes: :flowers:
  2. You don't sound clueless, it's all hard to remember unless you're obsessed! {like some of us!}

    The last one I saw in NM was a darkish white one, it was beautiful. I didn't pick it up and don't remember the size. I can remember that it wasn't massive or tiny, definitely a medium size.
  3. LOL, Thx!

    LV's I know...prices, sizes, diff. lines, LE, etc. ;) (LV is my obsession..) Chanel is a whole new ball park for me. :yes: LOL!!

    I'm looking for a black shoulder bag...LV didn't have any that appealed to me..I've always thought it would be nice to own a Chanel. So...here I am. Heehee! I'm loving the jumbo flap w/ silver. But also wanted to educate myself on the "reissue" as well. Want to keep all the options open! LOL!!:graucho:


    OT: Last night dh and I decided to watch a scary movie for Halloween. (We couldn't decide between 5 different movies...finally I told dh lets just watch "Rosemary's Baby". Which isn't scary...but weird. So we watched that...Well, 5 mins. into the movie I noticed Mia Farrow was carrying a White Chanel Flap. I was like...WT??:wtf: OMG, it's a sign!!! LOL!! I must get me a Chanel Classic Flap OR maybe...a reissue??? Who knows??:shrugs:

    Not to mention the other night at the Pumpkin Patch there was a woman with a Chanel bag (not a flap/reissue) a tote w/ a bunch of colors on it maybe a anniv. or special ed. I have no idea. But it was weird cuz I haven't seen anyone w/ Chanels lately...then at the Pumpkin Patch?!???? Weird, when you get on a kick about something they start popping up everywhere!:yes: LOL!!!
  4. There were three colors introduced in 2005:

    Black w/gold chain
    Grey w/silver chain
    White w/silver chain

    Four new color combinations were introduced in 2006:

    Black w/silver chain
    Darkwhite w/silver chain
    Darkgold w/silver chain
    Burgundy w/silver chain

    There are a whole new set of color combinations for Cruise:

    Navy distressed patent
    Black patent
    White patent
    (I think that's right)

    The 226 retailed for $1,995 - although I purchased a Darksilver 226 and it was $2,195 (a $200 increase). I didn't keep it because it was too similar to my 2006 Darkgold 226 which I love.

    The 227 retailed for $2,090 - but maybe it's more now? HTH:smile:
  5. Yes, when you start viewing bag sightings as a "sign" you have entered the dark side.

    Welcome. :devil:
  6. Thanks very helpful!!! :yes: So I'd assume the 2005 are gone as in (not in stores). So, everything else 2006 - Cruise Coll. are available at Chanel??? I read in another thread that Cruise Coll. was released today Nov. 1. But as for the rest 2006, do you know if those are still available at Chanel stores or are they scarce?? Or sold out already?? Perhaps a SA can still find those??:confused1:
  7. LOL!!!!!! Thx!! Ya,....I've definitely entered the "dark side"!!!:death:
  8. There should still be some 2006 floating around in boutiques or department stores (Saks, Neimans, Bloomies, Bergdorfs, Nordies, etc.)

    Just yesterday someone posted pics of their new Darkwhite 227.:yes:
  9. I should add that the Cruise Darksilver, Lightsilver, and Lightgold are like a distressed metallic (very shiny, like mirror finish).

    The Darkgold from 2006 is a matte gold distressed leather (not shiny).
  10. Thanks a lot!!! ;) So, I'd imagine there a ton of people on waiting lists for reissues from the Cruise Line...Hmm, the black patent sounds interesting...:yes:
  11. Thx a lot....you've been so helpful!!!!:flowers: LOL, just trying to figure all this out...heehee classic flap, reissues, cruise, 224, 225, 226, 227....sm, med. jumbo...WHEW!! Learning alot here in the last few days, LOL and "STILL" learning....:upsidedown:
  12. Has anyone seen a light gold reissue?? I'm wondering if I should buy a black patent or gold..... but I don't want gold if it's SUPER shiny!
  13. okay, I have another question about the reissues.

    am I right in thinking that the 2005 collectors' reissues are the only reissues that have 2.55 - 2005 written on the inside flap?

    that is, the reissues released after that (autumn-winter 2006/2007, cruise 2007, etc.), and forevermore, will not have that inscription on the inside flap?

  14. queenOFcouture, that's exactly right.
    the reissues now no longer have the anniversary inscription in them.