Reissue Reveal!

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  1. My new Reissue 226! Love everything about it but where's the leather smell...?

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  2. Oh I have been thinking about the reissue 226 but can't pull the trigger! What do you think? Is it everything you wished for and more? I have a classic flap jumbo with ghw that I don't seem to wear out...
    Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. Hi Emerson, it is almost everything I have been wishing for! My huge drawback is that it doesn't seem to smell of leather whatsoever. This is my first reissue, so I'm a little unsure if reissues do/do not typically smell of leather. All of my other Chanels smell of leather...I'm looking through the forum to see if any others have info on this, but from what I'm reading, it seems to be that other's reissues smell of leather.

    Two other drawbacks for me, but somewhat minuscule to me, are the slight "sag" of the bottom and the "f" in "made in France" being filled. I believe the "sag" is how the purse was packaged when they received it at BG. I "popped" it so the "sag" was flattened. My SA assured me this was brand new, which it definitely looks to be so. The filled in "f" must be from production...extra gold ink or whatnot. I'm not terribly concerned about this but of course for the price... I expect it to be near perfect!

    I have been on the bunt for a "jumbo" sized chanel for about a year. I had ordered a jumbo Lambskin CF but when it had arrived at NM and I tried it on, it was SO heavy for me! I was quite disappointed. I then tried on the reissue 225, 226 and 227 and found the 226 to be the perfect size for what I was looking for. It is lightweight and slightly smaller than the jumbo CF. I also like the smoothness of the chain compared to the interwoven chain of the CF. I also really like the look of the distressed leather. Pretty much, I recommend purchasing the reissue 226 with slight hesitation regarding the lack of leather smell.

    I'm going to contact my SA and ask her if she has other reissues that smell of leather... Strange request maybe..but I want the smell!!!
  4. Oh thank you so much for your reply. Yes the sag does concern me a little, because I'm one of those people who have a base shaper bag of mine!!!
    I tried the 226 on in the boutique last week and when the SA brought it out, the bag was completely flattened!!! She assured me that's how it should be.
    I wish I had tried the reissues on before I bought the jumbo last year... The jumbo is so heavy and the leather chain squeaks as I walk!! Haha

  5. I didn't take much notice of the leather smell but here is a photo of trying on the 226 in the boutique last week, the leather seems to be quite smooth and does not seem as "distressed" as yours...

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  6. Congrats! By the way my reissue had/still has the leather smell. And yes i totally know what you mean. I'm addicted to that smell lol.
  7. Beautiful reissue!!! Many congrats!!! My reissue does have 'yummy" leather smell :smile: but it's very light!!!
  8. Lovely bag, congrats!
  9. Congrats on this beauty!
  10. Congrats, Beautiful reissue
  11. Oh how I love the Reissue, congrats!
  12. Gorgeous, beautiful, love!!! :love:
  13. Hello, I believe they have none leather reissues now. Even though they might say leather. I looked close up and it looks like clothe. But it is beautiful. I got my reissue last year and love it! Try to see if your store has the classic reissue. With no shine, maybe u will like it better.
  14. It is gorgeous!

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  15. that distressing is gorgeous!