Reissue quilt alignment

  1. for the ladies who own reissues, does your quilting line up? a friend bought a reissue from a reseller and is freaked out because the quilting on the sides and bottom do not line up with the front or back (but the quilting on the flap and back pocket do line up with the body of the bag). also, the bag is made in italy and she has heard that is a red flag for fakes. i don't own a reissue so any input is appreciated!
  2. nope they do not line up. only the back pocket quilting line up with the back of the bag but for the bottom they do not line up with the sides! those really old vintage chanels do though, sadly i don't know what happened to the bags now!
  3. mine don't line up either.
  4. thanks ladydeluxe and shopping247 -- my friend will be relieved. are your bags made in italy too? i know there has been some controversy about the quality of bags made in italy vs. france -- are the reissues made in both countries?

    and what do you guys put in the zipper pocket under the flap?
  5. actually, mine are made in france. i don't know if they are also made in italy. which one does your friend have?

    i sometimes put receipts in the zippered pocket. :smile:
  6. i'm not sure about the metallic reissues but my black with gold h/w reissue is made in france...
  7. sides and bottom don't line up either BUT REISSUE MADE IN ITALY???:wtf:
    I just hope it's not a new ...trend!
    BTW my light silver metallic is made in France as I think all metallics are so far!
  8. All 3 of my reissues are made in France.
  9. my dark silver (just sold it) and black metallic reissues are both made in france.
  10. it's made in italy -- does that throw its authenticity into doubt or does the negative reaction to italy mean that quality will be poorer than one made in france? what's wrong with italy??!

    oh, and it's metallic black, 228.

    update: i just checked eBay and there are a couple metallic 228s for sale (one by a seller i know is reputable) and they are both made in italy.
  11. Is a big maybe for me:confused1:, because I thought that all reissues were made in France, IF your friend is unsure about the authenticity of this bag, please post pics. of it, and perharps we'll be able to help. NEVER MIND--- petals12 answered your question.
  12. kicksarefortwids, my 228 MB is made in Italy too. I bought that one in NM. Mine looks similar according to your bag's description ... in regard with the alignment issue.
  13. thanks petals12 -- i had her hyperventilating for a moment. i don't think she's really that worried about chanel. even though she's no expert like you guys, she can tell if a bag is well made (and she thinks hers is). the concern now if whether her bag is somehow inferior to ones made in france. if all the 228s are made in italy, i think she'll be ok with it.

    i did more sleuthing on eBay and found 2 more MB 228s made in italy, but one that appears to be made in france. there goes that theory! anyone else out there with a MB 228?
  14. Mine are made in France too. But I don't have a metallic.....
  15. sorry to have veered OT on this whole italy vs. france thing. back to the alignment -- i'm mystified why the quilting isn't lined up. how hard can that be?? i don't have any flaps to compare but i always assumed they lined up.