Reissue questions

  1. Hey everyone!

    I did a little search on here about the Reissues and saw some gorgeous pictures! Would you, please, tell me if the leather scratches easily (I believe all of them are made of distressed lambskin?)? If it was raining, would it get stained? Overall, is it easy to take care of the Reissue?

    Thank you!
  2. i want to know too :biggrin:
  3. My gray reissue scratches easily. I haven't carried it in the rain.
  4. My black reissue seems fairly hardy although I won't carry it out in the rain.
  5. I also have a gray re-issue, I have noticed a few minor scrapes/scratches, but since the leather is distressed, it does not look that bad. Mine has gotten wet in the rain, and it dried beautifully.
  6. im sad to hear about the scratches, i guess this is why i decided against the beautiful off-white reissue and just wait for a darker colour (since i can't find burgundy!).

    am really keen for the dark navy or the light red in the new season though :smile:
  7. Aren't the reissues and square vintage collection the same leather? If so, that would mean the vintage ligne would scratch too.
  8. Wouldn't carry the Reissue in the rain and it is probably easy to get minor scratches but it won't be easily visible because of the distressed effect.
  9. yes, the reissues and square vintage are from the same leather which i love!

    i agree wth accessorize*me above; i wouldn't carry mine in the rain but i wouldn't worry too much about scratches due to the nature of the leather.
  10. The grey scratches VERY very easily. I wouldn't get it wet, either. The care booklet, that comes with it, advises not to get it wet.
  11. I wore my white reissue from last year most of the summer and it held up quite well. I love that bag.
  12. My offwhite Reissue does not stratch easily at big dog (about 20lbs) stepped all over it when the bag was placed on the backseat of the car...and it was FINE *PHEW* soooo i think its really strong!
    Rain....its MUCH better than lambskin...I wouldn't mind it in gentle rain. But for some reason on the interior flap it got a ink or something stain *no idea how it get there* But the exterior is super easy to take care of
  13. Thank you for your replies!!!!

    Does anyone know if limited edition reissues are still available in stores (the ones with 2.55 - 2005 stamp inside)? I am looking for a 226 in Black (with gold hardware, of course). Also, does anyone know how many of those were made, since they were limited edition? And if I owned one and decided to sell it later on, would this bag be a good investment?

    Thank you, thank you!
  14. My gray reissue was a return at the store and It had some scratches from nails in the interior flap. I used applegarde conditioner and it temporarily went away. I kept reapplying but the scratches came back. Then I experimented and put a teensy bit of lubriderm on my fingertip, barely visible, and the scratches DISSAPEARED FOR GOOD. That was so many months ago. I can't even tell where the scratches were. My black doesnt have a scratch on it and I use it a lot.