Reissue Questions....

  1. Is reissue 225 & 226 limited edition? Will the prices be affected with the Nov 1 price increase? Is the dark silver limited edition as well? Will it be availabe in the spring? What is the size difference between the 225 & 226 & 227? So reissue 225 = the size of classic medium flap? Thanks! I would love to own a reissue one's such a beautiful bag!! the lining of a reissue made of leather or fabric? Thanks!
  2. They are limited & better to say it's seasonal. S/S 08 will have light silver again, probably not dark silver. Also, not sure about the new reissue price, hopefully not effective Nov.1. The whole bag is made of matellic leather. :tup:

    size from small to large for reissue: 224<225<226<227<228
    You can check the reference library for measurement.
  3. This might help- I believe it's true to scale

  4. Omigosh. Those pics! My dream is to have one in every size.
  5. Ain't that right?!

    But would you say that those pictures show a very true to life scale?
  6. Can someone tell me price of 227 and 228? Thanks
  7. 228= 2250 EUROS
    227=about 1900 Euros:smile:
  8. All 5 sizes:
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