Reissue question

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  1. what is the difference between the black ressiues with dark siver hardwear and the little shine and the ones with gold harwear? Thanks
  2. 1.The color: one is metallic black, one is just black. they are both distressed calfskin.
    2. The hardware: one is dark silver, one is gold.
  3. Hi are they from 2 different seasons or do they always do one gold one dark siver chain Thanks Fran
  4. the black reissue in gold hardware is a Chanel exclusive for 07 Fall/Winter season, the metallic w silver hardware in 07 Fall/Winter season and is available at Chanel and other Department stores.
  5. What do you you think is more special IYO thanks Fran
  6. Is your personal choice, some like gold harware and others silver hardware.
  7. Not Chanel exclusive. NM also has distressed calfskin black with gold hardware.
  8. are you talking about the one w/pearls and the mirror?
    because I know that one is avail. at NM, and as far the black reissue w/gh (no pearls etc..) as per my Chanel SA told me that it was not avail. at any of dept. stores. I'm just relating what she had said to me.
  9. I just bought them both and love them equally. :yes: The black with gold HW comes only in the 226 so it is more of small day bag and for evening. I bought the metallic black reissue in the 227 size and it holds quite a bit more. They are both beautiful bags.
  10. Clandy-Thank you do you think you will use the plain one more for day and the other for night ?also is this the last time we can get this bag or will they repeat?? with the black metallic ?? Thank you
  11. I saw 226 w/ pearls and 228 at NM Fashion Island trunk show. They have 227 in their lookbook. I saw a lady placed order for 227. On 228, the hardware for the holes where the chain running through has oval shape, not round.
  12. Yes, I believe NM is receiving the black reissue with gold h/w. I saw it at the trunk show. They also had the black w/pearls.

  13. ITA with the gracefull, its really up to personal preference. the gold chain appear dressier than the silver. they both gorgeous. im asian, i had opportunity tried both but actually the gold chain suit me better. i think because of my pale skin color. but anyways, you cant go wrong with most reissues. the black metallic waiting list is getting longer though.. good luck with your decision!! :tup:

  14. the one with pearl also gorgeous, but i think its too pricey.
  15. Nobody knows if they are going to repeat, black with gold HW first came out in 2005, and metallic black is first time this season.... both are gorgeous, cant go wrong with either one.